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What do you do if the market you operate in is destined to shrink and prices of your produce are set to fall? You must squeeze the most out of every dollar available. Driving efficiency through the ‘digital transformation of operations’ is going to be the focus area of the oil and gas (O&G) industry players.

They need to realize the digital oil field vision, which would require adopting a range of Industry 4.0 technologies to reduce onsite workforce, develop an integrated approach to asset management, adopt predictive maintenance practices, and many more.

Understand the digital imperatives and investment priorities for the O&G industry as it prepares for continued depressed prices—from a panel of industry experts at the Virtual Think Tank event.


Key insights


Demand to peak by 2029; the O&G industry will need to learn to live with lower demand and prices


Suppliers need to switch to a new commercial architecture based on outcomes


It needs to embrace AI-powered autonomous operations to do more with less


Information systems need to be organized around data, rather than equipment to realize circular, integrated, and predictive value chain


The value lies in combining digital tools and the supply chain solutions to minimize interfaces and remove duplication of activity


Chirag Rathi

Director of Consulting,
Frost & Sullivan

Nav Chawla

Senior Director,
Digital Transformation,
Baker & Hughes

Jonathan Crane

Vice President,
Well Deployment, Shell

Rashi Gajula

Senior IT Manager,
Pioneer Natural Resources

Suhail Siddiqui

Director, Global Wells Supply
Chain Transformation, BP

Rajesh Sitaraman

Vice President, Head of
Oil & Gas, HCLTech

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The ‘Virtual Think Tank’ exclusive report on O&G

Download the copy of the report to learn more about how the O&G industry can realize the digital oil field vision as it prepares to survive in the era of weak demand and low prices.

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