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Effective digital transformation requires an integrated, end-to-end approach that seamlessly integrates enterprise systems and processes with new digital platforms and offerings to meet changing business demands.

At HCL we start at the end, designing for the human experience. HCL brings a human-centred design approach to SAP enterprise digital transformation, creating new ways of working that will transform your business.

We invite you to join HCL’s SAP Insight Webinar Series, a series of informative webinars centred around IoT, Digital Commerce, Enterprise Asset Management and Procurement. Register now to learn why, when and how you should implement SAP’s product suite in your enterprise to garner maximum value and ROI.

About HCL SAP Practice

A certified global services partner in the SAP Ecosystem for over 20 years, HCL has won many awards and has a track record of implementing innovative SAP “firsts”. Our global team of SAP experts are recognised as being some of the most experienced SAP consultants in the market, combining the best local SAP business transformation and SAP process expertise with world-class offshore SAP services to deliver quality solutions and outcomes for our customers.

Thursday 15th June 2017


Webinar Agenda

Russ Heasman

Russ Heasman
Solution Architect, HCL Technologies

Title: SAP Leonardo: How it will jumpstart your IoT programme

Date: June 15, 2017

Time: 2 PM GMT | 3 PM CET

 To create a true IoT ecosystem, where systems of systems interact and generate value from diverse streams of data, a transformational platform is needed to support the wide spectrum of existing and potential use cases. With SAP Leonardo, you can connect  ‘things’ with business processes that are instantaneous, and discover new revenues, new products and new services. Listen to insights from HCL’s experienced team on: 

  • What is SAP Leonardo
  • The latest IoT trends
  • How to build an IoT business case
  • Cost effective IoT use case prototyping”  


Colin Breakwell
SAP MRO Solution Lead (Global), HCL Technologies

Title : Digital enterprise asset maintenance on the SAP platform

Date: June 21, 2017

Time: 2 PM GMT | 3:45 PM CET

 If you are maintaining complex, expensive and regulated assets in your enterprise, then join this webinar to understand how you can help your organisation control cost, reduce process and turn-time variability and improve planning and scheduling by implementing SAP digital enterprise asset maintenance solution in your enterprise.

Get insights from HCL’s experienced team to:

1. Understand HCL’s SAP add-on for Complex Asset Maintenance

2. Find out how to transition to a standard Complex Asset Maintenance Solution

3. Explore the new user experience designed for Maintenance Technicians

Thomas Quilt

Thomas Quilt and Russ Heasman
Solution Architect, Supply Chain & Procurement, Solution Architect, HCL Technologies

Title: How to transform your procurement and AP functions with Ariba

Date: July 7, 2017

Time: 2 PM GMT | 3 PM CET

Let HCL clear away the obstacles standing in your path towards procurement excellence. Join the HCL webinar to understand the value proposition, journey and delivery of a procure-to-pay transformation with Ariba and how HCL can support you on the journey and help you maximize the value you will achieve. Get insights from HCL’s experienced team on:

  1. What value a procurement transformation with Ariba can bring to your organisation
  2. How to plan for the optimal transformational journey towards operational excellence
  3. How you can maximise your business benefits
  4. How HCL can work with you and Ariba to smooth the implementation path and accelerate value


Paul Edwards
Solution Architect, HCL Technologies

Title: Driving digital transformation with SAP hybris

Date: July ,19 2017

Time: 2 PM GMT | 3:45 PM CET

In the 21st century, the customer experience landscape is changing – and requires a digital centric approach. Using the SAP Hybris product suite, organisations can seamlessly integrate with the “Digital Core” to provide an end to end Omni-channel solution covering marketing, commerce and sales & service.

Get insights from HCL’s experienced team to:

1. Understand the SAP Hybris product suite

2. Learn how SAP Hybris can enable Digital Transformation

3. Find out the roadmap options to transition to the Cloud for new and existing SAP users