Webinar on legacy transformation for the State of Florida | HCLTech

Webinar on legacy transformation for the State of Florida

Introduction to the topic

As an industry leader in delivering Applications Modernization across multiple industries, HCLTech empowers Government enterprises to reimagine the future. We bring proven accelerators, principles, and methodologies to enable digital-led transformations to help your enterprise achieve its business goals while crafting and delivering superior, personalized experiences for end-stakeholders.

Join this Webinar with our Application Modernization leaders to discover industry best practices that enable your organization to deliver the next wave of digital transformation. You’ll also learn how to transform your applications with advanced portfolio analysis, application modernization, and cloud migration.

MS Teams for the State of Florida
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Introduction to the speakers
Mike Hazelwood
Mike Hazelwood
Mike has more than 25 years of experience in driving business innovation and agility through Application modernization and leading-edge technology.
Jake Hershkowitz
Jake Hershkowitz
Sales Director - Government HCLTech
Jake is a Sales Director at HCLTech responsible for the State of Florida Government.