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Automation & Orchestration For The 21st Century IT Organization

Information technology is not only fueling the digital economy but also bolstering modern enterprises and redefining how businesses are managed. Forced to move at hyper speed, many businesses are scrambling to keep pace with constant relentless change and struggling to confront an unfamiliar technology landscape and new complex decisions for which there are no precedents.

It is mandatory for businesses to remain agile by adapting quickly to the changing environmental conditions and create greater capacity to respond and adapt to them accurately, quickly and confidently.

Automation is not enough for complex IT management tasks. Traditional IT automation efforts, which focused on enabling lean operations by taking over repetitive routine and tedious tasks are no longer sufficient to provide the agility and competitive edge companies need in the 21st century.


  • How Artificial Intelligence technology offers the next step in building Automation and Orchestration systems
  • Answers to the questions regarding Big Data and Machine Learning
  • Practical approaches for implementing IT automation
Wednesday 17th January 2018


About the speakers

Kalyan Kumar

Kalyan Kumar
Corporate Vice President & CTO

Kalyan Kumar B (KK),Corporate Vice President & CTO. Kalyan is widely acknowledged as an expert and path-breaking thinker and practitioner on BSM/ITSM & IT Architecture and Cloud Platforms and has developed many IPs for the company in these domains. He is responsible for defining, building and implementing next gen services like Digital workplace, Autonomics/AI, Next Gen Data Centers & Networks, Cloud & DevOps, Security & GRC etc. He has been presented with industry awards for his thought leadership in the IT Management and Cloud Computing space.


Joe Barkai

Joe Barkai is an industry analyst and consultant, an active blogger, and an author. His experience working with dozens of organizations across diverse industries provides a unique ability to “connect the dots” and clearly articulate the always-evolving business value of technology.

For over a decade, Joe worked on developing AI systems to analyze failures and improve the uptime of complex mechanical, electrical and hydraulic systems, including jet engines, heavy equipment, and medical systems. The challenges of incorporating these systems, even very successful ones, into the organization’s business strategy and product lifecycle, resulted in follow-up work to help organizations articulate the business value of emerging technologies.