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Greater Manchester Police transforming Modern Policing through Digital

Learn how HCL helped Greater Manchester Police (GMP) transform Modern Policing through a Digital Mobile Platform

An increasing number of businesses are starting to adopt the platform business model and digital strategies in order to remain competitive and HCL is helping organizations Design, Engineer and Sustain the Complex Business Critical Platforms.

Greater Manchester Police has successfully implemented a mobile solution that realized significant efficiency savings, improved officer morale and service to the public and enabled the force to focus on policing, freeing it up from having to return to the station to update computer records.

This session will cover how the IS transformation program helped GMP enable better and more timely decision making in a flatter organization, where police officers have more autonomy so that they can be closer to the community while managing risks. While legacy systems and processes, bound by desktop applications and radio communication, had created a suboptimal environment for officers, innovative technology through a mobile platform has enabled frontline officers to tackle operational and financial challenges with real-time access to information while on the move, on the first contact at incidents. The session will also highlight how the award-winnin technology-assisted GMP inserving its communities during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Watch the On-demand webinar to hear about how digital platforms use technology to connect people, organizations, and resources in an interactive ecosystem where incredible amounts of value can be created and exchanged.

Wednesday; September 9, 2020
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Introduction to the speakers
Chris Sykes
Chris Sykes
Assistant Chief Constable, Greater Manchester Police

Chris Sykes has been with the Greater Manchester Police for the last 24 years, and is currently a part of the Information Services Transformation Programme – a huge programme transforming the way that Greater Manchester Police uses information services to protect its communities. He has a passion for leading change particularly through the use of new technologies.

Previously, Chris was the Head of Local Policing and Criminal Justice based at Greater Manchester Police's headquarters. He was responsible for Public Service reform, Neighborhoods, Confidence and Equality, and Criminal Justice and Custody. 

Chris is a strategic firearms commander and gold and silver, public order commander.