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Webinar Overview

In the 21st century, user experience – be it that of employees, partners or customers – is at the core of the business. However, many business application interfaces today are still difficult to navigate and hamper productivity: a consequence of enterprise software vendors’ prioritization of benefits such as scalability and features over user experience.

Today user experience benchmarks are set by consumer applications such as Uber and not by enterprise software. Research has shown that businesses that place more value on user experience than their peers achieve productivity gains and higher equity valuations.

CIOs need to take the lead on rethinking the enterprise UX strategy, be it for your employees,  partners, or customers. Are you ready to prepare the perfect user experience for your users? Join the webinar to get started!

This is a recorded webinar

Duration: 1 hour

Thursday 9th June 2016


About the speakers


Michael Romero
Enterprise Digitalization Lead, BEYONDigital™ by HCL

Michael is a Highly-collaborative senior executive with a strong affinity for technology. He has demonstrated multiple successes as a general manager, exceeding growth initiatives and financial objectives. Michael is Proficient in building and managing highly motivated and effective teams, delivering results within both matrixes and international environments. He is based out of our Dallas office.

Kalyan Kumar

Kalyan Kumar
Corporate Vice President & CTO

Kalyan Kumar B (KK),Corporate Vice President & CTO. Kalyan is widely acknowledged as an expert and path-breaking thinker and practitioner on BSM/ITSM & IT Architecture and Cloud Platforms and has developed many IPs for the company in these domains. He is responsible for defining, building and implementing next gen services like Digital workplace, Autonomics/AI, Next Gen Data Centers & Networks, Cloud & DevOps, Security & GRC etc. He has been presented with industry awards for his thought leadership in the IT Management and Cloud Computing space.


Paul Hemp (Moderator)
Editor-in-Chief Straight Talk, Ex. Harvard Business Review, Boston Globe, & Wall Street Journal

Paul Hemp is the Editor-in-Chief of Straight Talk who before joining HCL spent nine years as a Senior Editor at Harvard Business Review. Earlier, he was a business editor and reporter at the Boston Globe and a staff reporter at the Wall Street Journal.