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Our team of panelists will discuss how recent events that have scattered teams to home offices worldwide have impacted the effectiveness of Agile. Co-location is a foundational agile characteristic – but how important is it when it’s impossible? Does the distribution of teams break Agile? Can successful Agile transformations still weather the disruptions? How are Agile principles holding up in the face of these disruptions? How can Agile leaders be most effective?

Our panelists will bring their insights from real-world experiences of their day-to-day work, their customers, and their observations of others. Topics include:

  • An Insider’s Perspective– Managing remote agile teams and teams of teams, program, and portfolio-level work, and how Rally manages to stay Agile in both the face of disruptions for their customers and themselves.
  • Remote Agile from the Outside-in– How is the larger agile community responding to these massive disruptions? Are they digging in their heels, confident that “they’re Agile and therefore nothing bad can happen” or are they following Agile’s principle of continuous learning and keeping an open Agile mindset to weather the changes?
  • Agile Leadership– How can adaptive leaders effectively interact with their teams? How can Agile leaders guide their organization through today’s disruptions?

About Enterprise Studio

Enterprise Studio by HCL Technologies is the leading provider and preferred services and education partner for Broadcom Enterprise Software solutions, and a leader in Agile transformation and DevOps consulting.
Whether you’re an established Global 500 company or a new disruptive force in your industry, we can help you navigate those complexities that come with competing in an interconnected digital era.
We can help you achieve your desired business outcomes quickly and confidently by leveraging our team of seasoned technologists, coaches, educators, and our power as a global solution provider and Tier 1 global value-added reseller of Broadcom CA Technologies enterprise and mainframe software.

Many of our Enterprise Studio experts are from the former professional services unit of CA Technologies. As we have for decades, our teams support and help lead organizations to innovation using powerful enterprise software solutions and cutting-edge methodologies – from API management to security, business management to AIOps, and continuous testing to automation.

Tuesday 2nd June 2020


About the speakers

Marie Kalliney

Marie Kalliney
Executive Director, Digital Advisory and Consulting Services, Enterprise Studio by HCL Technologies

Marie is an agile thought leader focused on advancing true business agility and workplace diversity. She has been with Enterprise Studio since its inception, helping to develop the practice into a world-class team of global consultants, focused on helping build adaptive organizations.

Danielle Oldach

Danielle Oldach
Director of Agile Delivery and Agile Coach, Broadcom – Rally Software

A highly regarded Lean-Agile coach, facilitator, and charismatic leader, Danielle’s passions are rooted in changing the way we think about our work and building cultures of learning. Danielle blends her extensive experience building and coaching Lean-Agile groups with her background in leadership roles, consulting, and product development to help organizations realize their greatest potential using Agile values and principles.

Laura Beucher

Laura Beucher
Associate Director, Technology Consulting, Protiviti

Laura Beucher is an Associate Director with Protiviti's Technology Consulting Practice where she delivers advisory services for the CIO and CISO's agendas, including innovation and product development, business transformation, operational efficiency, cybersecurity, risk management, and workforce agility.