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Mar 24, 2020
Since the beginning, agile has stressed the need for co-located teams. However, that isn’t always practical, and sometimes – especially when faced with a global pandemic like COVID-19 – it’s impossible. So what are some of the best practices that can be applied if you suddenly find yourself working remotely? How do you keep connected with your teams? How do you ensure that the best parts of “...
Mar 05, 2020
Are you responsible for the administrative management functions of Clarity PPM? Have you wondered what’s makes the application work so well? If so, please join us for a review of the administrative functions in the classic UI that support Clarity PPM. These administrative settings will affect your users in the modern UX. A good working knowledge of the core components of Clarity PPM is a plus...
Nov 14, 2019
In this hour, Enterprise Studio Sr. Instructor Kismet Silva-Smith will detail the new product features in v15.7 and show how this release will make working in Clarity PPM easier than ever.  The presentation will detail the new features including:  Project management enhancements like new board layout for projects, in-line edits in the Staff and Assignments grids when performing...