Decoding the Product-Centric Organizations in 2023 | HCLTech
Decoding the Product-Centric Organizations in 2023
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Ananth Subramanya
Ananth Subramanya

Executive Vice President,
Digital Business Services, HCLTech

With over 20 years of experience in the technology industry, Ananth Subramanya leads the Global Solutions Team for Digital Business at HCLTech. Ananth was a founding member of the company’s Digital Platforms practice, and in his current role, he heads solution design and implementation for HCLTech’s digital programs globally. Having lived the life of a support engineer, development lead, test manager, product manager, pre-sales consultant and regional field sales director, Ananth brings a well-rounded perspective to the business. Ananth is a Computer Science engineer by education. He has been instrumental in guiding enterprises in their digital journey to greatness with the right balance of vision and pragmatism.

Fiona Mark
Fiona Mark (Guest Speaker)

Principal Analyst, Forrester

Fiona is a principal analyst helping technology leaders address the challenges of leading technology organizations at a time of unprecedented change. With over 15 years of experience in technology across a range of industries and consulting, her research focuses on setting CTOs up for success in leading technology innovation, partnering across the organization, and delivering amazing products. Her other research interests include how diversity, inclusion, and equity are relevant to technology leaders and how technology leaders can drive more value from partnerships.

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