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Understanding Dashboards and Creating On-Demand Reports in DX Performance Management

IT interruptions often cause business delays that can be detrimental to your productivity, quality of service, and bottom line. DX Performance Management (formerly CA Performance Management) is designed to help you manage the performance and availability of your service delivery infrastructure more efficiently—whether physical, virtual, or cloud-based.

In this webinar presented by Senior Instructor Ed Miller (of Enterprise Studio by HCL Technologies), we go over the concept of Performance Management and take a quick look at the solution’s architecture. Using a DX Performance Management virtual environment, Ed demonstrates how to use built-in dashboards, create reports on demand, and explore the different options for notifications and distribution in DX Performance Management.

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Thursday 15th August 2019


About the speaker

Ed Miller

Ed Miller

Ed Miller is a Senior Instructor for Enterprise Studio by HCL Technologies. Formerly a CA Technologies instructor for 21 years, Ed has taught hundreds of professionals how to successfully optimize their business using CA Technologies software. Ed specializes in enterprise management and database management software. He holds a BS in Computer Science and a Master of Science degree in Enterprise Systems Management from the University of Southern California.