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IoT in Action Webinar with MSFT

Introduction to the topic

Healthcare industry is making rapid progress toward utilizing IoT to improve patient health outcomes and streamline complicated communication practices, all while maintaining patient privacy. You will hear IoT WoRKSTM by HCL Technologies talk about the role IoT can play in transformation of healthcare industry – highlight key solutions around Patient Engagement and Remote Services Platform making this transformation possible as part of the IoT in Action webinar series by Microsoft.

Topic : Connected Healthcare: Improving Outcomes with IoT

 Key outcomes from the webinar

  1. How IoT solutions are addressing the challenges associated with cost and quality of care
  2. Understanding how IoT solutions are addressing the challenges of the 4P's of the LSH industry
  3. Achieving compliance to health regulation globally
Thursday; June 21, 2018
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Introduction to the speakers
Aditi Banerjee
Aditi Banerjee
Vice President, IoT

Dr. Aditi Banerjee is Vice President of IoT business at HCL. She is responsible for business development  in Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare industries. . She is responsible for providing IoT thought leadership and engagement partnerships to clients to help them achieve pertinent business outcomes She has two decades of experience in Sales Leadership and Business Development in Product and Engineering Services, Semiconductor Product Marketing and Technology Developmentt