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introduction to the topic

The power of automation has traditionally been harnessed to improve resource efficiency and drive down costs. In the 21st century, however, automation must evolve further and deploy intelligent technologies for end-to-end business optimization. Therefore, the key objectives for organizations striving to leverage the benefits ushered in by the digital revolution are to embrace multi-modal IT and business agility.

With the advent of AI and machine learning, the IT process automation landscape will have a massive impact. Additionally, the human-machine synergy is emerging at the forefront due to smart innovations, resulting in benefits that were inconceivable in the pre-AI era. As a result, organizations are forced to rethink and re-envision their business operations.

We discuss the following here, in our digital-readiness session –

  • The impact of cutting-edge automation accelerators on enterprise IT.
  • Aligning IT performance with the requirements of truly digital business via automation
  • Achieving IT simplification and LEAN operations with advanced AI
  • Machine learning use cases for Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Autonomics success stories – progressive organizations that proactively invest to propel IT operations through the digital
Wednesday 25th January 2017


About the speakers

Thomas Young

Thomas Young

Thomas is the Founder & Managing Partner of RUMJog Enterprises, a technology, media, and public sector management consulting company, helping businesses address today’s rapidly changing market conditions.

Holding a Master’s Degree in Systems Engineering from Rutgers and with over 20 years of IT-consulting experience, Thomas was previously Partner & MD at TPI & ISG for over 12 years.

Frank Casale

Frank Casale
Founder & CEO, Institute for Robotic Process Automation

Frank believes the network effect is a powerful accelerator for learning, sharing and establishing effective business channels.

Prior to launching the Institute for Robotic Process Automation, Frank founded The Outsourcing Institute, a global network of over 70,000 outsourcing professionals. He also runs Casale Management Services, a retained search and recruiting firm focused on those who buy, sell or manage in areas of complex technology, such as cloud, outsourcing, big data, cyber security, mobility and process automation.

Frank has been featured on CNN and CNBC and has served as a commentator for The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, FORTUNE magazine and The New York Times. Frank has been recognized as reliably anticipating market developments and business trends that work to increase the overall efficiency, speed and success of sourcing transactions and relationships

Jegannathan Kannan

Jegannathan Kannan
Global Solutions Leader, RPA HCL Technologies

Jegannathan Kannan (a.k.a. Jegan) is an experienced technology and enterprise transformation professional with rich experience in strategizing and executing automation for multiple global corporations.

Playing a key role in scaling automation in Business Process and IT Domains (including cognitive and AI solutions), he has spearheaded cloud transformation, analytics, system integration, helpdesk, business transformation and IT infrastructure management services.


Radha Kasibhatla

Radha Kasibhatla
Regional CTO – US East, Financial Services

The Regional CTO for FS, LS/Pharma, Radha represents the Global CTO office in the Americas GEO, driving thought leadership and disruptive innovation across Next Gen ITO, Digital and IoT.

With over 22 years of experience in Financial Services and IT, Radha has envisioned several strategic thought leadership programs - for Citigroup and HP, while also authoring the SOA Ontology book.