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Introduction to the topic

The pandemic has shifted business operations in many ways, with more critical workloads and applications migrating to the cloud. Are you navigating hybrid or multi-cloud environments and looking for a data protection plan?

Considering that every 11 seconds a business falls victim to a ransomware attack, it’s more important now than ever that organizations have a sound data protection solution in place to secure their most valuable asset - their data - across dynamic IT ecosystems.

Join Rubrik and HCLTech to learn how to build a proactive ransomware remediation plan to effectively secure your valuable data. 

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Introduction to the speakers
Piyush Saxena
Piyush Saxena
VP & Head – Hybrid Cloud Services, HCLTech

Piyush Saxena is the Vice President & Head, Hybrid Cloud services at HCLTech. He has more than 18 years of experience helping HCLTech customers in their technology transformation journey. His current focus is to design and implement hybrid cloud solutions for Enterprises looking to support their digital initiatives.

EVP & Country Head – Canada, HCL Technologies
Joelien Jose
EVP & Country Head – Canada, HCLTech

As seasoned leader in the IT Industry and a Country head,  Joe is responsible for HCLTech Canada’s strategic direction, sales, delivery, customer relationships and P&L for the region.​​

With over 27 years of experience in the IT industry, Joe has been associated with HCLTech for over 13 years.​

Joe has played various roles in his career and has a good blend of delivery, technology & sales background to help his teams be successful. ​

Joshua Stenhouse
Joshua Stenhouse
Field CTO - Cyber Resiliency, Rubrik

Joshua is the creator of Rubrik Compass, a global on-premises enterprise reporting engine, and chief architect of Rubrik Vault, the world’s most secure, scalable, physically air gapped data protection and recovery solution.

A passionate technologist, Joshua specializes in security, automation, reporting and IT modernization, delivering successful business outcomes while regularly sharing example scripts and industry insights on his popular blog virtuallysober.com.