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introduction to the topic

Supporting and maintaining an ERP system can be an expensive proposition, both in absolute and per user terms. The lower you can bring the maintenance costs for your SAP system, the higher your return will be on your IT investment. And one of the factors that can drive costs up is supporting infrequent or inactive users.

In this webinar we introduce a range of infrastructure, application footprint and applications support techniques to help SAP customers reduce costs, improve system performance, and increase end-user satisfaction.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • The definition and advantages of the SAP Minimum Viable Product strategy
  • Fundamental cost reduction strategies for SAP customers
  • Benefits of migrating non-productive and productive instances of SAP to the cloud
  • How to implement the Minimum Viable Product SAP footprint
  • Strategies for migrating infrequent users to more appropriate platforms
Tuesday 28th October 2014


About the speaker

Ian Greenhalgh, Head, Applications Strategy, HCL Technologies

Ian Greenhalgh
Head, Applications Strategy, HCL Technologies

Ian is head of applications strategy for HCL. In this role, he is responsible for developing and delivering new technology-based propositions across HCL’s applications business. He is actively involved in working with clients to analyze issues and opportunities, architecting, and implementing innovative technology, business change and operational improvement solutions to fulfill these needs. Ian has been heavily involved in developing solutions and delivering many of HCL’s largest SAP transformation programs in both North America and Europe.