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Jun 14, 2018
How the HCL SAP Enablement Framework can help to define your SAP roadmap and ensure your solutions are able to meet evolving business needs. The latest generation of solutions from SAP provide huge opportunities for organisations to simplify both their processes and system landscapes whilst at the same time delivering the innovation demanded by business users. But the process of identifying the...
Jun 07, 2018
Enterprises are continuously trying to innovate faster to deliver compelling customer experiences, optimize operations, and accelerate product innovation on their digital journey. A traditional IT architecture is too monolithic and does not enable enough agility to rapidly adapt to business needs or scale digital transformation. This constraint limits the ability to deliver excellent customer...
Apr 03, 2018
To facilitate better communication and collaboration between business, development, and operation teams, organizations are turning to automated PaaS & Container based applications development. Through well-defined practices, the integration of these groups provides organizations with the ability to continuously deliver software without compromising quality, thereby reducing product cycle...