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Collaborative Modeling in HCL RTist

How do teams compare and merge their models ensuring the integrity of these key design architectures? Having access to a tool that provides a solution for collaborative modeling with dedicated compare and merge editors and methods is key to providing the ability to view changes in structure, behavior and code levels. Analysis of sophisticated structural changes in different abstract levels could lead to very complex and time-consuming operation and requires review of different context during analysis. Relationships between changes in a model can be hidden and require specific approach for understanding and identifying the very complex architectures. HCL RTist delivers leading edge model aware compare and merge, minimizing the risks of failures that could lead to corrupted model and failed designs, enabling collaborative workflow solutions. HCL RTist brings together an integrated design environment that allow users to understand and commit their changes using the dedicated compare and merge mechanism. This session will demonstrate the team modeling workflow in HCL RTist: understanding changes between two commits containing several model fragments in one compare session, partial and silent model merge, incremental project import, and all this with the ability to also integrate with your continuous delivery pipeline.



Kimi Orig
RTist Product Manager, HCL


Elena Strabykina
Technical lead, RTist Architect, HCL

Tuesday 29th January 2019