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Suddenly Remote

Suddenly Remote - Strategies for Agile Teams

Since the beginning, agile has stressed the need for co-located teams. However, that isn’t always practical, and sometimes – especially when faced with a global pandemic like COVID-19 – it’s impossible. So what are some of the best practices that can be applied if you suddenly find yourself working remotely? How do you keep connected with your teams? How do you ensure that the best parts of “being agile” continue?
This free webinar is a live panel hosted by some of our agile experts from the Digital Advisory and Consulting Services team at Enterprise Studio by HCL Technologies. They will discuss a variety of tips and tricks to help agile teams – and individuals – work remotely including:

  • Remote Meeting Facilitation 
  • Remote Quarterly / PI Planning 
  • Delivering Remote Training 
  • Remote Scrum Ceremonies 
  • Remote Retros 
  • Being a Remote Employee 
  • Self-care / Maintaining Socialization When You’re Remote

Join our team to hear how their real-life experiences might apply to your current situation in this hour-long webinar with plenty of time for interactive Q&A.

About Enterprise Studio

Enterprise Studio by HCL Technologies is the leading provider and preferred services and education partner for Broadcom Enterprise Software solutions, and a leader in Agile transformation and DevOps consulting.

Whether you’re an established Global 500 company or a new disruptive force in your industry, we can help you navigate complexities that come with competing in an inter-connected digital era.

We can help you achieve your desired business outcomes, quickly and confidently, by leveraging our team of seasoned technologists, coaches, and educators and our power as a global solution provider and Tier 1 global value-added reseller of Broadcom CA Technologies enterprise and mainframe software.

Many of our Enterprise Studio experts are from the former professional services unit of CA Technologies. As we have for decades, our teams support and help lead organizations to innovation using powerful enterprise software solutions and cutting-edge methodologies – from API management to security, business management to AIOps, and continuous testing to automation.

Tuesday; March 24, 2020
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Introduction to the speakers
Digital Advisory and Consulting
Digital Advisory and Consulting Services by Enterprise Studio

Your panel includes members of Enterprise Studio’s Digital Advisory and Consulting Services team. The Digital Advisory and Consulting Services (DACS) team at Enterprise Studio by HCL Technologies is the global leader in collaborating, consulting and coaching with enterprise-level companies to connect them to the promise of business agility—the ability to sense and respond to opportunities,  challenges and to protect themselves from the volatility of doing business in a digital economy. 

  1. Marie Kalliney, Executive Director
  2. Eric Nash, Director, Enterprise Customer Success
  3. Edward Spotten, Agile Transformation Coach
  4. Reid Lowery, Principal Transformation Consultant