An Enterprise Guide to Undertaking the Platform Adoption Journey | HCLTech

In today’s rapidly evolving digital world, businesses must undertake strategic digital transformation initiatives to keep up with the ever-changing consumer preferences and workplace needs. Digital platforms serve as a foundation for enterprise digital transformation, enabling enhanced customer and stakeholder experiences, optimizing operations, fostering innovation, and driving sustainable growth.

In recent years, the platform market has seen remarkable growth at a tremendous rate of over 40% YoY, and the trend is projected to continue in the next few years. While enterprises across industries are already embracing platforms for their digital transformation, a significant portion of them are yet to fully realize their potential and use them to effectively meet users' and stakeholders' needs. This is due to several implementation-related challenges, including knowledge gaps, resource limitations, scalability issues, and a lack of proper governing mechanisms.

Introducing the latest whitepaper, "Navigating the Path to Digital Transformation: An Enterprise Guide to Undertaking the Platform Adoption Journey" from Everest group, sponsored by HCLTech. This whitepaper explores a four-step framework to simplify and accelerate enterprise platform journey. To learn more on how enterprises can navigate their implementation challenges and successfully adopt the platform-based approach to digital transformation, download the whitepaper now!

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