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Application Support and Maintenance | There is an Alternative

Application Support and Maintenance | There is an Alternative

At time when IT leaders are faced with the paradox of shrinking budgets but a business imperative to grow, Applications Support and Maintenance (ASM) represents a disproportionately large chunk of IT spend, for very little value in return. Throw into the mix that fewer than 20% of organizations have an application services strategy, leading to overspending and underperformance, and ASM suddenly becomes a big budgetary blind spot.

Recognizing that support, maintenance and business value are not mutually exclusive marks a new start for IT sourcing models.

Unlike traditional ASM, ALT ASM™ seeks to drive efficiencies at a fundamental level using LEAN principles, pre-built self-healing solutions, self-funded application portfolio optimization and a business aligned target operation model.

Who will find this report useful?

CIOs, VP IT Applications, IT Application Management, Application Support, ERP Support, IT Vendor Management and Sourcing.

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