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Bolstering a meaningful coexistence in the digital epoch

The dynamic relationship between humans and machines in the digital era4
December 13, 2023
December 13, 2023

Driving the next phase of digital transformation and operational excellence

Automation has become the de facto technology for several functions within the business process industry. It addresses data entry and data processing on several fronts, as well as data extraction in some cases. Automation efforts and investments are increasingly focused on routine, mundane tasks, including transactional and processing-intensive operations.

In this perspective by ISG and HCLTech, the authors share insights on the potential of digitalCOLLEAGUE, which elevates the role of the human workforce, and how it transforms the way transactions are processed across business operations.

Perspective by ISG

"With automation and AI/ML gaining traction and the roles of executives undergoing a change, analytics will be the key enabler of the resultant transformation."

Namratha Dharshan
Chief Business Leader, ISG

Unspoken correlation between employee and customer experience

Customer experience delivery is now more important ever, as enterprises continue to explore the seemingly endless possibilities for providing seamless and enriching customer experiences.

  1. Interface that invites usage: Organizations must invest in tools and technologies that are easy to use, can integrate with existing systems and will help employees use the tools effectively to become more efficient
  2. Honing digital transformation skills: With the changing technology landscape, training employees to use tools effectively, leverage analytics and apply them to improve business outcomes is an imperative
  3. Change management: Strong change management is crucial to enable digital transformation —it’s important to have relevant and improved metrics alongside strong leadership to foster the change
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