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Linux Security Module

Operating System (OS) security is a major concern for each and every computer programmers and its users. To minimize the threat, OS developers have integrated several security improvements for existing OSs, but all these efforts were inadequate to provide strong system security. The ACM integrated into the OS must be capable of supporting several different ACMS, since a general purpose Operating System serves a wide range of user requirements. Moreover, the OS developers and their community were not in agreement about the best solution for enhanced ACMs in the Operating System. Due to this reason, Enhanced Access Control Mechanisms (ACM) were not accepted into the mainline Kernel. During the development of Linux Kernel Version 2.6, a light weight, general purpose, Access Control Framework called Linux Security Module (LSM) was designed. The LSM framework enables several different ACMs to be developed as Modules, in addition to adopting several existing Enhanced ACM implementations such as SELinux, and Domain and Type Enforcement (DTE) etc.

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