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Microsoft Windows workloads remain business-critical for most organizations across industries. These users expect greater performance, functionality, mobile access and thus require a robust and secure infrastructure. By migrating Windows workloads to AWS, organizations gain significant value by enabling their IT and business teams with utmost efficiency, flexibility & improved performance, including cost reduction on hosting and managing on-premise IT infrastructure.

HCLTech, an AWS premier consulting and Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) for Windows Server Partner, has deep domain knowledge and expertise in enabling organizations to migrate and modernize Windows workloads on Amazon EC2. Our experienced team of solution architects plan, design, architect, implement and manage Windows applications and workloads on Amazon EC2 in a secure environment. We have developed in-house tools and programs to accelerate your migration journey seamlessly and cost-effectively. We also help you integrate windows servers running on Amazon EC2 with features like Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS), Amazon CloudWatch, Elastic Load Balancing, and AWS CloudTrail.


  • Enhance IT staff and developer productivity
  • Innovate and modernize your applications on AWS through faster code deployments and application development
  • Achieve scalability and flexibility by eliminating unplanned downtime
  • Get higher throughput and lower latency
  • Lower your total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Utilize In-built security, compliance, and governance capabilities with AWS
  • Optimize cost performance by on-demand optimal use of resources


  • Certified and experienced AWS experts in migrating and managing Windows servers on EC2
  • Workshops to educate your teams on the benefits of running windows workloads on EC2, use cases, and features
  • Comprehensive assessment of the current infrastructure, TCO analysis, and business case creation
  • Leverage automation through proven industry best practices, in-house developed tools, and accelerators for a risk-free migration process
  • Enabling IT teams by freeing them up from managing on-premise infrastructure to focus more on strategic IT initiatives and deliver better customer experiences

Our offerings

Supports AWS migration

  • Migrate your application infrastructure systems and enhance your security model
  • Eliminate legacy processes and focus on initiatives that drive innovation and optimize internal processes

Automates your business processes to a cloud environment

  • Simplify common maintenance and deployment tasks of EC2 instances and other AWS resource
  • Use pre-defined workflows maintained by AWS or create custom workflows
  • Use Amazon CloudWatch Events to receive notifications about automation tasks and workflows

Adopts cloud for financial information assurance

  • Reduce costs by leveraging AWS’ highly flexible and scalable design with comprehensive security audits and scalability testing to fuel growth

Optimizes costs

  • Capitalize on EC2 pricing models—select between PAYG (Pay-as-You-Go) model or various term plans (one-three years), depending upon your requirement
  • Enjoy the unique advantages of the cloud, which incurs costs as much as they are used since we are a long-term partner of AWS

Integrates with other AWS services and tools

  • Benefit from an end-to-end, premium solution that is offered with Amazon EC2
  • Simplify resource and application management
  • Reduce the time to detect and resolve operational problems
  • Operate and manage your infrastructure with ease and security at scale