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A platform that brings together a network of future women leaders

The Women Lead Initiative is a global endeavor to help women rise to leadership roles across government and corporate organizations. By enabling a sustainable ecosystem, which we call the Circle of Influence, we are committed to providing learning, mentorship and guidance to aspiring executives to bridge the gap and nurture others like them.

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The Women Lead Mentorship Program

A formal, exclusive, and one-to-one mentorship program, to guide women executives aspiring for leadership roles across organizations, industries, and regions.

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This is the foundation of a powerful online community. One that connects not just the participants of the various chapters of the Women Lead initiative but extends beyond to incorporate a wider audience from the world of business. It goes beyond mentorship to facilitate networking, sharing of ideas, learning, experiences, and more. From conducting webinars, workshops, and leadership sessions, it connects industry leaders with aspiring women leaders.

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Other Initiatives

Empowering women also means extending support and offering help. It means standing by others and playing a part in their journey—in the pursuit of inspiring and uplifting women.

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