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Nurturing the Next Generation Women Leaders through MentorshipNurturing the Next Generation Women Leaders through Mentorship

Nurturing the next generation of women leaders through mentorship

Enabling a talented cohort of industry leaders and women executives

Enabling a talented cohort of industry leaders and women executives

Women Lead North AmericaWomen Lead North America

Introducing the inaugural chapter of Women Lead North America

A sustainable platform that goes beyond mentorship to nurture aspiring leaders

A sustainable platform that goes beyond mentorship to nurture aspiring leaders

Powerful Network of Women LeadersPowerful Network of Women Leaders

Be a part of the Circle of Influence

Empowering a powerful network for women leaders to draw guidance and mentorship

Empowering a powerful network for women leaders to draw guidance and mentorship

Women Lead North America - The Women Lead Initiative

Women Lead North America is a one-of-a-kind platform

Women Lead North America is a one-of-a-kind formal mentorship program that connects successful and influential executive leaders with the brightest emerging women leaders across corporate organizations in North America.

Designed as a milestone based and formal learning platform, the 36-week long mentorship program will see Mentor-Mentee pairs work towards a defined goal over 8 mentorship sessions starting September 2021.

The Women Lead Initiative first started its journey in 2015 from Australia where it’s seen three successful chapters and a Nordics chapter was launched last year. Continuing the momentum, the program is set to make its debut in the North American geography this year.

The program’s global footprint gives participants the unique chance to connect with leaders and peers from across the globe and be part of an esteemed international alumni community.

Women at the top lead more women to the top

Across economies, men and women enter the workforce in equal numbers, but only a handful of women grow to reach the top ranks. This has led to a huge disparity in gender representation at the top-tier of management and a subsequent loss of female talent across the corporate pipeline.

Today, in North America, women hold only 41% of leadership positions1, while at the global level, 9 in 10 businesses have just one woman in senior management teams.1

Research shows that women are more likely to progress to higher ranks of leadership if they are adequately represented at the top. To kickstart this change, we’re curating a network that includes leaders from renowned organizations and agencies to deliver career support, guidance, and mentorship to aspiring women leaders.

1 Women in Business 2021: A Window of Opportunity - A Grant Thornton Report

Women at the Top Lead more Women to the TopWomen at the Top Lead more Women to the Top

Presenting the Circle of Influence

Presenting the Circle of Influence

The Circle of Influence extends the Women Lead initiative beyond just a mentorship program. It forms an exclusive power network, engages an alumni group, creates partnerships to provide more opportunities for women and enables a connected ecosystem from which aspiring women leaders can draw learnings and insights - even after the end of a particular chapter.

Today, under the gambit of the Circle of Influence, several program activities and workshops are conducted under four broad categories: Research and Insight, Networking, Mentorship and empowering Communities.


Who can be a mentor?

To create an impact on the issue of gender diversity in the corporate milieu of North America, we are seeking the support and participation of established leaders and C-level executives in the upper realms of North America’s leading corporations.

So that, as mentors, they can share their insights and experiences with aspiring women candidates. And, in the process, help them shape their aspirations and strategies to successfully climb the corporate ladder.

Why should you apply?

Apart from allowing Mentors an opportunity to develop their coaching skills, this initiative makes them a part of an elite circle of industry leaders, who together are likely to bridge the balance for the better.

Additionally, apart from exposing them to young talent, it gives them the opportunity to work alongside and interact with a highly-reputed industry leader - the Executive Coach.


Who can be a mentee?

The program invites high-potential and ambitious women from mid to senior-level management ranks from leading corporations in North America to join the program as mentees.

We call for promising women frontrunners of tomorrow, who are sure to make the most of the program and are likely to attain new pinnacles of growth - thereby contributing to bridging the gender gap and nurturing others like them.

Why should you apply?

This platform provides mentees with a chance to connect with top leaders who can guide and mentor them in developing the tools required to reach higher positions of leadership.

This experience will introduce mentees to valuable insights and expectations required to successfully lead organizations. Moreover, the program will offer them access to a lifetime of learning through global leaders and assist them in shaping their aspirations and strategies to help them climb the corporate ladder. It even gives them access to meaningful seminars, workshops and more to help fasten their career growth.

The Experience

The mentor-mentee pair will focus on a strategic goal proposed by the mentee in her application and an executable plan is charted to achieve it. This goal shall also be the basis for a final presentation to be made by the mentee at the conclusion of the program. The entire exercise shall be reviewed, monitored, and guided by the Executive Coach to ensure that the program is outcome oriented.

The Duration

The program has been designed with the time limitations of senior leaders in mind. In addition to a guidance workshop and a mentor-mentee Masterclass before the program kick-off, mentors will be required to commit eight one-hour mentoring sessions with their respective mentees over 36 weeks. These meetings will be scheduled at mutually convenient times.

Program Fee

The program is free of cost for both mentors and mentees. All we ask for is their time and commitment to this cause.

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