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Turn the hassle of publishing content across platforms into an efficient delight. Ensure your content reaches every consumer when they need it and exactly the way you want them to see it.

Introducing X.

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Publish, engage, convert – the all-in-One-solution
Introducing X.

Simplify your Marketing.

X is a customer engagement platform that helps companies manage, analyze, and monetize the customer journey.

Simple to use, automating publishing across devices & social channels

X is a publishing platform (CMS) that is fast and easy to use:

  • Its simple user interface reduces the need for technical skills and provides a friendly authoring experience for enterprise use
  • X delivers an end-to end content publishing and requires minimal developer intervention.
  • X enables marketers to seamlessly author curated content and publish complex targeted campaigns, in multiple languages, across devices– quickly and efficiently.
  • X provides a ready-made library of pre-built components (e.g. Website Builder, Page Builder). Delivering out of the box, ready to use and brand-compliant building modules which are SEO optimized
  • X delivers a consistent brand identity across channels and devices through standardized templates and an intuitive digital asset management tool.
X automates analytics and delivers measurable KPIs
  • X provides an analytics dashboard that is customizable to your requirements, across online/offline, e-commerce and direct-to-consumer programs.
  • Delivering deep analytics across both app and website platforms.

Optimize your Customer Experience.

X gives you control and insights across the entire customer life cycle.

X provides a seamless user experience through the customer journey
  • A unified platform providing a single view of consumer.
  • X delivers a consistent and cohesive experience across every touchpoint. Delivered through one single platform (DXP).
  • X delivers personalized, automated content across devices and platforms. Targeted experiences are delivered by insights obtained through data, analytics and AI
  • Through hyper-personalization, companies can send highly contextualized communications to targeted customers at the right time, through their preferred channel.
  • Automated and personalized customer journeys across all channels delivers:
    • Easy intuitive content distribution & delivery
    • Mobile first technology
    • Leverages big data / analytics to deliver high-quality customer experiences, which improves retention and loyalty as well as increasing eCommerce revenue
Seamless authoring experience with real time engagement

X enables marketing teams to work more effectively:

  • Bespoke real time authoring, digital rights management, live blog implementation and live notifications
  • News, Videos, Live streaming, Newsletters, Polls, Quizzes, Pay per view, Gamification, Video streaming, Subscription, Video on demand, Ratings and Reviews and more – all on one interface”
Activate complex targeted campaigns in multiple languages
  • X campaign management handles complex campaigns and multiple languages
  • X has the ability to integrate other third-party systems.
Designed for scale – highly customizable



The Ultimate Engagement Platform
One single platform that delivers seamless integration across the martech stack


A study by Coleman Parkes Research on delivering personalized CX for marketing success/excellence
Research study to get insights from marketers to understand their current roles and identify their underlying needs and challenges in achieving CX excellence


The emerging trends defining the Digital Experience Platform market
Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs) have become an indispensable ingre- dient for organizations looking to cre- ate compelling customer experiences.





According to Gartner Survey, “Only the perfect engagement experience guarantees that your customers fully engage with your products and services”. X by HCL Technologies can help your business engage with customers in real-time & build brand trust and loyalty with publish, engage an convert modules.

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