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HCL partners with IWD

For more than 4 decades, HCL has been on the forefront of employing and empowering women. This year in 2019, HCL is delighted to partner with International Women’s Day for the first time. The role which IWD plays is a critical one, helping to amplify the still considerable gaps which exist today for organizations such as ours to help create and sustain a more balanced and diverse world.

Over 24% of our workforce today comprises of women. And we have consistently and consciously furthered this cause through various in-organization initiatives as well as creating a larger social environment that facilitates gender-equal workspaces. While worldwide, women are doing great in all other fields of work right now, imagine how great it will be when more women start to work in technology fields and bring new perspectives and ideas to the table. Towards this, presence of women role models plays a key role.

HCL has been very active in spotlighting the critical role that women play in the technology industry through its own Red Ladder Initiative that Celebrates, Advocates, and Fosters Women Leadership. The program identifies and recognizes top-performing and high potential Women Leaders, and leverages them as role models for other aspiring women — and men — in STEM fields. The initiative, is a winner of Stevie’s Award for Women in Business 2017, in the category of “Women Helping Women”.

Yet, there is a long way to go to forge the true balance for better. Each year IWD works tirelessly to push this agenda forward, to challenge stereotypes and bias, to encourage organizations to implement progressive policies, and promoting the importance of having an inclusive work culture. While March 8, 2019, will be a significant celebration pushing for a #BalanceforBetter, HCL will work alongside IWD for the coming year to drive progress in these critical areas. We hope that you will join us on this journey.

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Diversity as A ‘Differentiator’ at HCL Technologies Ltd.

At HCL, we view Diversity as a ‘Differentiator’ – which is a representative of diversity in beliefs, behaviours and skills within the organization. Our workforce represents the culmination of 140+ nationalities coming from many of the countries we do business in – where all work together to build a culture that respects inclusion.

HCL’s Diversity and Inclusion strategy focuses on Talent Attraction, Talent Retention and Talent Growth. These 3 strategies work in tandem to ensure a unified experience in promoting gender diversity, cultural diversity and inclusivity across the enterprise.

With the aim of enabling strong career development for women, HCL has launched focused programs for its mid-level women managers to pace up their growth to leadership positions. Similarly, there are programs for senior women managers which focusses on their career progression into their aspired role. Key learning elements like one to one mentoring / coaching by senior leaders, peer coaching for domain and technical skill enhancement, blended learning in the form of videos, case studies and webinars from globally acclaimed learning partners are integrated into the program. The program has also been recognised by Brandon Hall as ‘Best Advance in Women Leadership Development’ - Gold Award (2017) and we have also recently been recognized with the ‘Best Diversity and Inclusion Strategy’ – Silver Award (2018) by Brandon Hall.

There are programs that have also been launched for mid-level women leaders with an objective to mentor them for their ‘next level roles’ to create a ready pool of talent for existing open positions within the organization. Another unique offering is a program that focuses on ‘upward conversations’ which encompasses a structured space, time and content for an engaging interaction between the employee and her Reporting / Skip level Manager. In addition, there is also an exclusive intervention for senior women hires who join HCL enabling them to settle into the eco system of the organization seamlessly along with specific metrics for the leadership to improve gender diversity at all levels.

The significance of diversity for HCL business & growth is evident from the high focus this derives from its leaders and employees alike. We believe that diversity will increasingly be a driving force of competitive businesses, now and into the foreseeable future.

Our Key Diversity Initiatives

  • ASCEND, which mandates increases in the representation of women in senior management via multiple ways, including support programs, peer mentoring and coaching at all levels, and providing platforms to enable women leaders to learn and exhibit transformational leadership.

  • STEPPING STONES, which is a focused career development program to enable mid-level female employees to realise their career aspirations and potential and help them in their developmental journey. It focuses on coaching women who are new mothers and require help to manage the new expectations at work and home.

  • HCL Women Connect which aims to engage and advance women through development programs, and advocate a gender neutral work environment by suggesting appropriate policies as well as position HCL as an employer of choice by women across the globe. This group also coaches and counsels aspiring young women professionals, shares experiences on work/life priorities and includes life coach support, daycare in office premises, concierge services, and policies such as extended maternity leave, work from home, flexible careers and flexible work hours.

  • Feminspiration, which is a platform facilitated by the HCL Women Connect Affinity Network in which successful women leaders are invited to address employees and provide insights into successful leadership as well as understand perspectives on gender matters.

  • The Women Lead Project is an exclusive 1:1 mentoring program for aspiring corporate women leaders. It has seen two very successful chapters in Australia since its inception in 2015. In 2019, the program is set to launch maiden chapters in other key geographies along with an encore in Australia scheduled for April.

  • #SheInspires program captures the life stories of women who have blazed a trail in the STEM fields. We are hopeful that these stories will help inspire the next generation of women leaders in STEM. Launched  in 2018, the program has featured 60+ HCL employees and customers through videos, Tweetchat discussions, and magazine articles. 

  • Our Red Ladder initiative is a unique platform that celebrates and fosters women leadership. The Red Ladder program recognizes high-performing and high-potential women leaders and positions them as role models for other aspiring women. HCL’s Red Ladder initiative is a winner of the Stevie’s Award for women in Business 2017 in the category of “Women Helping Women.”

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