Solution Introduction

A Non-Intrusive, Intelligent Solution To Reimagine The Retail Space

Omni-channel Retailing

The world of retail is changing. The next-gen shopper has access to unlimited choices, as omni-channel retailing gains predominance. Shrinking product lifecycles and mounting margin pressures threaten the very existence of the traditional retailer, as retail shopping experience undergoes transformation. Strict regulations around end-user privacy make it increasingly more difficult to gain in-store insights around the connected shopper, handing omni-channel retailing the advantage in their bid to match the shopper’s growing expectations. Real-time In-store Insights (RII) by HCL Technologies buys into the limitless power of IoT, enabling the retailer to make real-time, intelligent decisions and reimagine the retail space of tomorrow, while co-creating a personalized shopping experience with the modern, connected shopper.


RII utilizes radar sensing technology and camera imaging to capture accurate demographics and real-time locations of shoppers. It utilizes distributed computing technology and AI to track key shopper touchpoints and represents them on web-based dashboards in the form of powerful & correlated retail insights, heat maps and trend reports – facilitating quick tactical and strategic decision making.


RII is a versatile solution that can be rapidly scaled up without incurring significant establishment costs, resulting in high ROI. Shopper privacy concerns are easily alleviated, as it can run independently of end-user devices.


A Retail AI Solution That Transforms Businesses Into Next-Gen Enterprises


Heat Maps, Dwell Times

Highlights key retail touchpoints & in-store interaction times, provides real-time accurate footfall count. Can be correlated with staffing requirements & in-store promotions, and provides insights into queue management & in-store operations


Interactive Dashboard

Visibility of legacy & real-time retail insights anywhere, anytime on web-based apps. Custom analytics and role-based access for different levels of decision making


Composite Retail Metrics

Retail analytics that can be integrated with existing ERP, CRM & PoS software and correlated with inventory, sales & profitability metrics


Scalable, Affordable & Accurate

Re-composable, distributed architecture that supports global deployment, easily retrofittable solution, with minimal IT and structural requirements. Innovative radar technology can overcome inclement in-store conditions and run independent of end-user devices


Co-creating The Store Of Tomorrow, Powered By Retail IoT

Redefine Smart Shopper

  • Create rich, contextual demographic sets
  • Correlate with seasonality and product listings
  • Retail analytics driving better understanding of buying behavior

Optimize Store Operations

  • Redefine in-store layout and staffing models
  • Improve inventory turns based on footfall & purchase trends
  • Optimize operational costs

Personalize In-store Experience

  • Run intelligent in-store promotions
  • Track & improve shopper-staff interactions at key touchpoints
  • Design smart planograms, increase conversion rates
  • Personalize in-store retail journey

Scale & Transform

  • Easily scalable architecture ensures high ROI
  • Integrate with PoS & Loyalty programs to improve retention
  • Design adaptable business models based on real-time inputs
  • Eliminate obsolescence and redefine product lifecycles

Functional Workflow

Intelligent Architecture For The Next-Gen Retail Store

Retail Space

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