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Real-time Manufacturing Insights solution

Real-time actionable insights into manufacturing floor operations to accelerate productivity and reduce costs

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Manufacturing enterprises are on the lookout to adopt next-gen technologies to stay relevant and competitive in the global business landscape, making industrial IoT solutions the need of the hour. Compared to just 33% today, a survey conducted by PwC showed that 72% of the manufacturing companies said they had been dramatically increasing their digitization levels and expected to be digitally advanced by 2020. Inevitably, data from the shop floor, enabled by IoT in manufacturing, can offer unparalleled insights.

The RMI solution by IoT WoRKS™ enables real-time operational visibility from shop-floor to top-floor.

It leverages industrial IoT in manufacturing intensive enterprises to address key operational challenges such as limited visibility into production downtime root cause, ineffective utilization of planned downtime, and quality and people issues faced by the manufacturing enterprises. The solution helps reduce the resolution time to analyze the root cause of machine downtime, scrap losses, inventory carrying cost, and machine maintenance costs, enabled by real-time monitoring.

The RMI solution uses external platforms based on specific business needs, thus facilitating the transformation of the traditional manufacturing floor into an efficient next-gen floor.

Today, as 22,000 million IoT-connected devices exist worldwide and 440.8 million are attributed to the industrial IoT alone, the RMI solution—having predictive maintenance and prescriptive analytics—appears to be inexorable.

RMI features

Next-gen, real-time insights and technologies designed to enable smart operations


Real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring of plant efficiency with user-defined KPIs


Role-based visualization

Role-based customizable view for CXO, plant manager, and line operator


Predictive maintenance

Prediction feature for machine breakdown and line availability


Cost analysis of OEE

Visualizing the financial impact of availability loss, performance loss, and quality loss


Actionable recommendations

Recommended actions on top of data to improve

RMI benefits

Co-creating the smarter shop-floor and top-floor, powered by IoT

Reduce downtime

Timely prediction of faults to better plan further actions

Reduce scrap loss

Get real-time updates on output quality to take appropriate actions

Reduce inventory carrying cost

Increased visibility on real-time finished goods inventory

Increase productivity

Enables sync between actual production and planned production

Reduce cost

Enables predictive maintenance instead of preventive maintenance, thus reducing machine maintenance cost

Solution architecture

Leveraging IoT in manufacturing to unlock benefits and opportunities

Real-time Manufacturing Insights Solution

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