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Meet Ananya Gupta: #SheTheFuture

Inspiring stories of our youngest and brightest sparks, representing the next generation of women in tech.
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2 minutes 30 seconds read

Meet Ananya Gupta: #SheTheFuture

In this edition of She the Future, we bring to you the STEM story of TechBee turned HCLTechie Ananya Gupta:

“The quest for knowledge, the desire for financial independence, and the exposure gained from interacting with clients across the globe are what drove me to choose my career in technology at HCLTech.

I started my professional journey a year ago, and I’m still learning. My goal is to work hard, enhance my personality and become equipped enough to lead my own team in the foreseeable future.

My advice to all youngsters is: find your passion and decide what you want to achieve in your life. Only then, you will be able to make a smart decision. Carefully look at all the pros and cons before making any career choices. You don't always have to be a part of the rat race. Think wisely.”

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