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Meet Asia Mosley: #SheTheFuture

Inspiring stories of our youngest and brightest sparks, representing the next generation of women in tech.
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3 minutes read

Meet Asia Mosley: #SheTheFuture

Asia Mosley is an HCLTech apprentice and a cyber-security student who aims to become a Cybersecurity Architect in the future. In this edition of She the Future, we hear her STEM story:

“As a child I was obsessed with superheroes and my favourite one was Bumblebee from D.C comics. Bumblebee's power was her mind, she used science to build her own tech and make the world a better place. Superheroes were usually men, so having Bumblebee as a woman superhero gave me the representation that I needed. My interest in science and technology was kick-started because I wanted to become like her. Then, in high school I got involved in robotics club. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to pursue a career in STEM.

When it comes to STEM, I have been heavily inspired by Bethany Plaza. She is an innovative thought leader and growth specialist in the IT industry. Bethany's outspokenness, energy and knowledgeable presence has encouraged me incredibly on my career journey.

Mentors are one of the greatest resources here at HCLTech. A mentor will help you define and meet your goals. They will assist with guiding you through your career by providing you with invaluable feedback. My role models at HCLTech — Darren Dodson, Jon Rylander and Angel Thomas — are experts in their field and have actually taken the time to personally get to know me, my goals and my aspirations.

For the young girls aiming to join STEM fields, I’d recommend finding a mentor. Mentors will help keep you on the right path. Also, try to seek out new challenges and opportunities — this will help you gain experience and open windows of opportunity for you. And finally, never stop learning — this will help you expand your knowledge and gain confidence.”

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