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Meet Astrid Lainez: #SheTheFuture

Inspiring stories of our youngest and brightest sparks, representing the next generation of women in tech.
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1 minutes 30 seconds read

Meet Astrid Lainez: #SheTheFuture

In this edition of She the Future, HCLTech apprentice Astrid Lainez from Frisco, Texas shares her STEM story:

“I always knew I wanted a career in tech. I owe this to my deep interest in business and technology. My parents have always struggled with technology, and I wanted to be able to provide assistance with the things they weren’t able to learn due to their hardships.

My goal is to keep growing and adapting to the constant changes in the industry. Ann Stonecipher, my role model here at HCLTech makes sure I have everything I need to do that and that I continue to take classes and trainings to learn new in-demand skills.

To young women aiming to step into the arena of STEM, I’d say that the only thing that can hold you back is yourself — so always yourself push past your limits.”

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