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Subhashree Mahimaa: #SheTheFuture

Inspiring stories of our youngest and brightest sparks, representing the next generation of women in tech.
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2 minutes 30 seconds read

Subhashree Mahimaa: #SheTheFuture

In this edition of She the Future, we bring to you the STEM story of Subhashree Mahimaa:

“The quest to understand why the world is the way it is, and to innovate begins the very moment we open our eyes. The world of STEM has been fulfilling this innate curiosity for me. I’ve always found these subjects extremely interesting and the credit for that goes to my teachers. They really did justice to the subjects and inspired me to take up a career in STEM.

When talking about people that have inspired me, I can’t not mention my mum. She is my biggest role model and support system. Being an IT professional herself, she gives me sound advice to help me carve the right path for myself.

I also get to learn a lot from and be inspired by so many people at HCLTech. Trust me when I say this, HCLTechies never fail to amaze me. And neither does working in STEM.

The work the STEM community does is crucial for the world. But it is saddening to see that every statistic of every research in the world shows that the percentage of women who take up careers in STEM is considerably low. There is a need for more women in STEM now more than ever before. So, my message to all women out there is — it’s time to get your Marie Curie vibe on.”

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