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5G Acceleration through Intelligent Connectivity

October 17, 2019
Manas Sahu


Sales Director
October 17, 2019

There is a plethora of innovation happening in the telecom eco-system to define a new business paradigm based on 5G architecture. Every innovation in telecom industry is an acceleration. I am talking about linear acceleration, which helps the 4G to 5G network transition seamless and less overwhelming. In other words, instead of directly jumping on to a new 5G network, carriers need to address the current sub-optimal 4G infrastructure to deliver higher speed with guaranteed SLAs.

Carriers around the world are in different phases of this transition. AT&T is massively focused on intelligent connectivity by creating a virtualized infrastructure driven by open source eco-system to deploy 5G architecture. It is also trying to make sure it doesn’t miss the heartbeat by upgrading its 4G infrastructure to LTE Advanced Pro.

Sprint and T-MO are sitting on massive low and mid-band spectrum (T-MO bought Sprint to gain the mid-band spectrum). They are focused on deploying 5G NR/small cells to address their network densification issues. Sprint has been smart enough to get a few MVNOs like Google Fi signed up to monetize these investments. We’ll see what happens in the next 18-24 months.

Verizon (with its vocal CEO Hans Vestberg) is taking a relative greenfield approach. It has been aggressive in defining new 5G NR standards as well as upgrades to 4G. It has also created a large tech vendor eco-system to create a brute force to capture 5G network revenue (smart move!)

Every operator has its ways to gain the 5G market share. However there are four fundamental objectives that should be addressed to realize the true potential of 5G telecom over the next 8-10 years.

  • F Address current lingering issues in 4G – latency, reliability and speed
  • F Preparing the network for transformation
  • F Maturity of 5G acceleration and security standards
  • F Creating experiences

These four objectives can be translated into the following set of acceleration actions for carriers and infrastructure vendors:

  1. Justify 5G return on investment (ROI) (eBB/WTTx, AR/VR, connected cars, smart city, etc.)
  2. Agile product / Network architecture
  3. Network densification
  4. Interoperability and automation
  5. Intelligent network operations

HCLTech provides 5G Experience solutions to telecom vendors and carriers to accelerate their journey through state-of-the-art solutions, intelligent protocol (IP), and partner eco-system.

HCLTech provides 5G Experience solutions to telecom vendors & carriers to accelerate their journey through state of the art solutions, IPs and partner eco-system.

Justifying 5G telecom ROI: Working with major web-scale and media companies globally, the HCLTech team creates new experiences through innovative VR/AR platforms. Earlier this year, we achieved a significant milestone by partnering with the Australian Cricket team to manage, operate, and enhance its VR/AR platform and create an authentic 5G cricket experience.

To drive innovation in the automotive industry, HCLTech along with its partners are working closely with OEMs to build next-gen smart vehicle solutions focused around safety, efficiency, autonomous driving and personalization.

HCLTech IoT WORKSTM iCE.X has a proven ROI model to drive eMBB revenue through its cloud-native hyperscale, zero-touch, and ready to integrate 5G Assurance features.

Building Agile Network / Product Architecture: Leveraging 30+ years of product development expertise in Intel, VMWare, Cisco, Ericsson, Google Cloud Platform Nokia and IBM technologies and HCLTech Software foundations, HCLTech delivers Data Plane acceleration, and Mobile Edge Compute solutions to help migrate legacy network functions onto a cloud-native microservices-based architecture.

Network Densification: HCLTech’s Xilinx based 5G Backhaul platform provides a fully configurable high throughput solution to meet 5G access needs for all RF bands (E to V). This can be easily integrated with your 5G access portfolio. It can also be deployed in your backhaul network as a white box solution to meet densification needs.

Interoperability and Automation: Service providers need to carefully choose the DIY or any vendor-centric approach, which can often become time-consuming simply because it’s an entirely new eco-system and way of working. To assess the 5G business case, all the architectural elements need to function, operate, and scale to the desired SLAs. Validating thousands of blueprints across a multi-domain, multi-orchestrator, multi-VIM, and multi-cloud infrastructure for such SLAs in supercritical, and it is important to have an automated 5G Infrastructure Validation framework.

HCLTech’s 5G Blueprint Validation Framework power by Blue Genie provides an as-a-service automation approach to E2E 5G network and service management to help operators deploy and scale their 5G operations.

HCLTech CloudWorx is multi-cloud deployment automation and container orchestration platform which seamlessly integrates with multi-vendor VNF and NFVI eco-system to manage, monitor, deploy, and manage workloads for various network slices.

HCLTech recently demonstrated a 5G network slicing solution used case built upon open technology foundations. This can be easily deployed to create new service models / VNF marketplace and guaranteed connection to MVNOs.

Intelligent Network Operations: Bringing intelligence into the network is crucial in the cloud-native architecture. It’s essential to have an end-to-end visibility of the network and packets that contain this information providing real-time intelligence on the service demand and performance.

HCLTech NetBOT is a network automation framework covering professional automation solutions based on scripts, tools, and open platforms. It brings in artificial intelligence (AI)/ machine learning (ML)-driven automation approach to improve NetOps SLAs through:

  • Configuration, compliance, and change management
  • Workflow-based and task-based automation solutions
  • IP address management
  • Integrated DDI and network analytics
  • Auto-remediation and event correlation

To know more about HCLTech’s 5G experience solutions and how we are building our eco-system to help carriers and infrastructure vendors, visit us at Booth #2651 by registering here. Hoping to see you there!

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