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Cognitive Product Support:Next Phase of Intelligent Support Services

Cognitive Product Support:Next Phase of Intelligent Support Services
August 22, 2016

Today, customized user experiences and burgeoning demands are two major expectations from customers in an As-a-Service economy. As a consequence, the same anticipations have been building up for the technology sector.

In this context, Cognitive Product Support could unleash a number of far-reaching impacts.

Major high-tech firms are now turning their attention to the application of artificial intelligence and cognitive technologies to engineer an innovative enterprise architecture.

Analytics and automation will help enhance the product support experience significantly

This would essentially help enterprises transition from unnecessary complexities, manual interventions and poorly managed processes associated with legacy technologies to nimbler, simpler, intelligent product support.

In order to assimilate this ‘disruptive technology’, organizations must look beyond outdated technologies and operations systems. The focus should converge on artificial intelligence and change management to achieve optimum business capabilities, encourage sustained collaboration, and successfully convert to the As-a-Service Economy.

created in collaboration with HCLTech, could have a massive impact in facilitating this transformational pathway.

Achieving Intelligent Product Support through HfS’s Eight Ideals

The Eight Ideals (Ideals of Intelligent Automation, Accessible and Actionable Data, Holistic Security and Plug and Play Digital Business Services) helps shape the As-a-Service solution which invests in talent, processes and technology to drive the desired business outcomes. These Ideals help provide the ideal platform required to engage and manage resources required for intelligent product support. Far from being a restrictive model setup, the ideology emphasizes flexibility and staying power by leveraging analytics and automations, thereby improving responsiveness and reducing costs.

To further breakdown how the application of analytics and automation will help enhance the product support experience, one has to imagine the vast capabilities of a computer system. Machine learning enables such a system to identify activities in different environments when exposed to a large chunk of data and help improve performance.

Natural language processing (NLP) provides the means to extract meaning from the text provided as well as generate readable and grammatically correct text. In addition, speech recognition allows automatic transcription of human speech.

Complex trade-offs and decisions can be taken easily despite limited resources due to its intelligent optimization abilities.

Cognitive Product Support will also help in easy planning and scheduling, enabling the business to organize the required actions necessary to meet relevant goals. With the help of rule-based systems, the ability to interpret information correctly from databases becomes easier due to process automation.

In short, Cognitive Product Support acts as a catalyst to decrease cost and time in a collaborative manner and improve the overall responsiveness to customer requests.

Cognitive Product Support reduces cost and improves responsiveness to customer requests

Enhancing customer relationships with effective cost management

Embracing HfS’s Eight Ideals signifies a larger paradigm shift - will mean imbibing the wider disciplines of robotics and cognitive technologies. This would significantly improve company-customer partnerships by working together, interacting, and assisting as and when required.

This essentially translates to performing multiple tasks in an unpredictable environment, satisfying both the business and the customer.

To offer a more definite idea of large-scale productivity improvements with the adoption of Cognitive Product Support, HfS estimates tech companies will be able to save about 40% of the total product support cost.

HfS Research estimates companies can save 40% of the total product support cost through Cognitive Product Support

Further, incorporating this system will markedly increase customer satisfaction and drastically reduce reputational risks, futureproofing high-tech and software companies’ value-driven product operations.

To know about the far-reaching potential of this revolutionary phase of product support,

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