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The emergence of mobile technology has led to customer-centric multi-channel marketing. With soaring customer expectations, enterprises are striving to deliver personalized campaigns by harnessing the power of data. However, most are unable to...
New Direct Capability- IATA initiative
All global airlines are trying to increase their ancillary revenue in a variety of ways.  Traditionally the majority of the ancillary revenue was generated as change or cancel fees, baggage charges, etc.
Digitalisation - Figurative & Quantifiable Dimensions
At the cost of repeating myself… ‘What exactly is Digitalisation?’ This certainly seems to be the talk of the town, but is this buzzword a new concept or once again, a fundamental and radical idea, but in a new package?
Sourcing Advisor Relations

Feb 05, 2015

Sourcing Advisor Relations – best practice

Edward Gardner Associate Vice President

Sourcing Advisors represent a growing industry of market influencers that are transforming the outsourcing markets across the world.
By and For the Employees
One of the latest trends that has caught the world’s attention and caused an unprecedented transformation in all walks of life is Social Media.
Digital Thinking

Mar 21, 2017

Digital Thinking for Communications & Collaboration

Julian Frank General Manager & Senior Solutions Architect

Enterprises must shift from a ‘specification-based’ design philosophy, aligning IT initiatives with business goals. The future of ‘Digital’ comprises tech-augmented services and flexible, vendor driven models – powering a XaaS-based digital economy.
Way Forward
As organizations worldwide continue to accelerate their pace towards cloud adoption, the question in everyone’s mind is ‘How’? Hybrid cloud is considered as the future instead of going the completely private or the completely public cloud way....
Customized sales enablement strategy drives modern-day sales

Apr 13, 2021

Customized sales enablement strategy drives modern-day sales

Katja Kalwak Global Lead - Sales Enablement, DPO

Today’s buyers are a different breed from what their predecessors were just a decade ago. Social media, cloud, general mobility, and Business Intelligence (BI) continually impact buyer behavior. Many of today’s buyers have grown up in the digital...
When the digital

Nov 30, 2017

When the digital wave met the Volvo Ocean Race

Nick Bice Chief Technical Development Officer

With the 21st century advancements in technology, there disruption across all sports even sailing. While boats do not change drastically in the first look, internally the technology all around the boats and in the boats is taking sailing ahead in...
Affective Computing
Next-generation digital collaboration encompasses innovative communication technologies that helps enterprises shift towards building more cohesive and efficient team, and workstream relationships. The Unified Communications & Collaborations (...
Pooja Srivastava

NuGet Packages & Command Lines for Sharing Common Components
Pooja Srivastava - Technical Lead | April 17, 2015


It is a common problem when a team in an organization creates a component which can be leveraged by multiple teams, but does not keep it in a common shareable repository to which everyone has access.

Most of the teams depend on checking in the common component in to a shared source control to which other teams get a reference to use it. This process of adding a reference has several challenges: