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Commvault redefines data protection for the modern data environment

HCLTech's VaultNXT leverages Commvault's data protection solutions to provide comprehensive, end-to-end data protection and management capabilities.
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Sumit Godiyal


Sumit Godiyal
Group Manager, Hybrid Cloud Business
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Nikhil Puri
GSI Director, Commvault
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Patricia Smith
Senior Marketing Manager and Content Lead, Commvault
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Saurabh Narula
Senior Global Alliance Architect, Commvault
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Commvault Redefines Data Protection for the Modern Data Environment

Digital transformation is creating new streams of revenue and opportunities for businesses. However, it has also given way to new vulnerabilities that cybercriminals can exploit anytime, anywhere. As more data is stored in the cloud, more devices are connected to the internet and more employees are working remotely. This has significantly expanded the attack surface of organizations.

The IDC Datasphere study provides a five-year estimate for the IDC Global DataSphere, which determines the amount of data created, captured, copied and consumed each year. According to the report, the global datasphere is expected to more than double in size from 2022 to 2026.

With this immense growth in data, organizations need robust data protection strategies, as cyberthreats are also becoming more sophisticated. Nowadays, cybercriminals are using AI and automation to scan the internet for vulnerable systems en masse, thereby increasing the threat to a wider range of enterprises. Traditional defenses like firewalls and antivirus software may no longer be enough to stop such attacks. Organizations face an immediate need to better safeguard and defend their data with a robust cybersecurity strategy.

VaultNXT: Actively defend and rapidly recover from cyberattacks

The VaultNXT solution framework helps organizations strengthen their cyber resiliency posture by enabling them to shift from merely responding to a data breach to a holistic cybersecurity strategy. It ensures end-to-end protection and rapid recovery of critical enterprise data. Moreover, the framework provides a multi-layered approach to mitigate damage from an attack while protecting critical data and enabling recovery with assured data integrity.

The framework is based on our infrastructure, Cybersecurity, GRC and OEM tool capabilities and covers the NIST cybersecurity framework tenets: identify, protect, detect, respond and recover.

HCLTech’s VaultNXT powered by Commvault

HCLTech’s VaultNXT leverages Commvault’s data protection solutions to provide comprehensive, end-to-end data protection and management capabilities, regardless of where your data resides. Integrated on a single platform using one console, users have full visibility to their data protection operations and the flexibility to secure and store data in a way that best suits their business requirements.

It is a strategy built on Zero Trust Principles and implemented as part of a multi-layered security framework to ensure that your data and applications are always secure, protected and ready for business.

Future-proof your cyber resiliency strategy

Cyberattacks will continue to evolve, with attackers always finding new ways to breach a system. HCLTech's VaultNXT powered by Commvault provides a comprehensive strategy and future-proof solution that is built on a Zero Trust architecture for enterprise cyber resiliency. It encompasses active defense of data as well as rapid recovery.

Critical benefits

End-to-end data visibility of the entire data protection environment

The VaultNXT framework provides a unified console with policy-driven controls to ensure all business-critical and sensitive data is protected and accessible only to those who need it. Therefore, it reduces the risk of crippling data loss by consolidating data protection and recovery operations, while eliminating the complexity and cost of multiple point solutions.

Unmatched workload protection

VaultNXT protects the industry’s broadest range of workloads from specialized and legacy applications that are running on premises to SaaS applications and modern cloud workloads. Its multi-layered approach helps mitigate damage from an attack and enables recovery with assured data integrity.

Monitoring with tailored automation

Using AI-driven intelligence, it helps to identify cyber threats early to contain damage, set and manage data protection and compliance policies with granular controls and comprehensive reporting. It also applies advanced automation to reduce the burden on management and costs to IT teams.

Faster business response and cost-effective recovery

Speed and accuracy are critical to recovering from a cyberattack and ensuring business continuity. VaultNXT has the ability to provide refined control over how and where data is restored, with flexible storage options to meet the most stringent SLAs, which allows IT teams to balance speed with cost.

Success story

How HCLTech and Commvault helped a client build a strong cyber-resilience strategy

A leading global supply chain and logistics company needed to transform its backup and recovery operations to meet its cyber resiliency goals. With HCLTech, the customer established a robust data protection platform using Commvault solutions.

This included innovative cyber deception technology and layered ransomware protection, as part of a comprehensive Zero Loss strategy. The company unified data backup, monitoring, archiving and recovery activities on a single platform, eliminating multiple point solutions and simplifying operations. As a result, in the event of a ransomware attack, they can recover their data without any loss.

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