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Customer Experience and AI in Automotive

September 22, 2022
James Dimarzio


James Dimarzio
Consultant - HCLTech Manufacturing
September 22, 2022

Predicting the customer demand for in-vehicle technology in an ever-changing digital world is already difficult. The next-generation of shoppers will be even more demanding having grown up with technology that suggests what food, clothing, restaurants, news, friends, and lifestyles they should consider. This technology is readily available in almost everything they use from a very early age. They will expect the same connected, intelligent technology to be built into their vehicles as well. Their expectations will help change the overall customer experience.

This is great news for auto manufacturers. With AI and machine learning, OEMs and their suppliers will be able to utilize the stream of data from vehicles to understand individual customers. The possibilities to use this information are huge. The obvious is the joint marketing campaigns that can follow the individual across all their devices including the vehicle.

OEMs can use AI to interpret vehicle data and establish a trusted relationship with the customer. AI can interpret the owner’s driving habits, monitor the vehicle's systems, and suggest specific maintenance, repairs, accessories, or new feature subscriptions. This will build customer loyalty and establish credibility for the auto manufacturers. The payback on the technology investment will happen through joint marketing, parts/accessory sales, and subscription services. This information will aid in the design and creation of new features and technology. Though the suppliers have spent vast sums to build and integrate technology into vehicles, the manufacturers are unable to take full advantage.

Intelligent vehicles are becoming the norm. With the increased volume of data coming from systems in new vehicles from nearly all OEMs, incorporating AI and machine learning is a necessity.

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