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Data-driven smart dairy is here to stay

August 26, 2022
Ameekar Charan


Ameekar Charan
AVP, SAP Ecosystem
August 26, 2022

The benefits of using technology in the dairy industry include increasing the quality and quantity of milk produced, tracking and tracing milk and dairy products throughout the value chain, enabling cold chain monitoring, and much more. With state-of-the-art technologies such as big data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), it is possible to get real-time information for better management of livestock, asset, and equipment across all stakeholders in the ecosystem.

Traditional farming will not be able to help or meet the growing demand for improving milk/dairy yield. Farmers and other stakeholders within the dairy industry understand this and are taking the digital route to make dairy farming a more sustainable practice. Using state-of-the-art technology to track data/information, it is possible to increase productivity, reduce wastage, enhance business outcomes, and transform how the dairy and livestock industry operates.

HCLTech Grass to Glass (G2G) digital ecosystem platform for dairy

As a leader in the technology space, HCLTech has envisioned and developed the Grass to Glass (G2G) digital solution. This helps monitor and manage the farm in real time, ensure appropriate quality and quantity of milk through the value chain and help farmers reduce greenhouse emissions as well as monetize on any wastage. The revolutionary digital IT transformation solution leverages SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) to accelerate innovation within the dairy sector. Benefits of the G2G cloud solution

The HCLTech G2G solution uses SAP BTP and futuristic technologies such as AI and ML for the following:

  • Monitor health, feed, and reproduction of the livestock in real time
  • Track and trace milk from production to delivery
  • Avoid spillage, spoilage, or contamination during transport from farm to end user
  • Manage and monetize solid waste and water by recycling them or reusing them
  • Make farm management more strategic and precise

How it works

G2G leverages state-of-the-art technologies to :

  • Regularly monitor cattle health to map temperature and heart rate, aggregate the data, and improve cattle health. This has helped increase productivity by 44%
  • Monitor nutrient requirements to meet the fat percentage in milk production and gestation. Proper feed management has helped reduce the feed cost per cattle significantly
  • Identify and manage reproductive cycles - calf crop, pregnancy rate, length of calving season, and calf morbidity and mortality. The platform has helped improve the reproduction/pregnancy rate by 34%
  • Streamline day-to-day farm operations, including production, milking, calf/heifer, feed, finances, and employee management

What the future holds

Technology solutions like G2G will go a long way in helping to revolutionize the dairy sector in countries like Australia, the US, India and large parts of Europe where the dairy business is unorganized. The implications of digital will help to remodel the rural economy and transform the value chain (for dairy) by unlocking access to relevant insights, products, and services at the right time.

Also, quality and traceability combined with data-driven decisions will help usher in a new era of growth for the sector. Cost savings, productivity improvements, operational stability, and reliability of information will be the added benefits of using modern infrastructure powered by new-age technologies. Digitization will help achieve sustainability for the dairy industry to meet the demands of tomorrow, today.

The HCLTech advantage

HCLTech understands how digital solutions can help customers within the dairy sector to fast-track product innovation and share the goodness of nutrition across the globe.

HCLTech’ G2G is a cloud-based solution which is easy to deploy and configure and requires minimal customization. Experts from HCLTech will provide customers with the necessary support and services so that they can maximize benefits from the platform to transform their business.

A strong heritage of smart product engineering that HCLTech carries will help customers in the dairy sector derive business value and uncover new revenue streams to improve.

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