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Ethical AI : Practical application of ChatGPT in cross-border e-commerce

March 09, 2023
Vinu Kiran Subramaniyan


Vinu Kiran Subramaniyan
Solutions Architect
March 09, 2023

In this article I am trying to highlight use of ChatGPT in the cross-border e-commerce industry in an Ethical way;

In addition, it is very important that everyone needs to know that all the data and content of ChatGPT are based on 2021 and before 2021.


What is ChatGPT?

 ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool developed by OpenAI that uses advanced natural language processing to generate human-like responses and content. By using ChatGPT, businesses can improve the way they work in several ways. For example in e-Commerce industry, ChatGPT can help simplify customer service inquiries by providing accurate and personalized answers to customer questions. It can also help create high-quality content, such as social media posts or marketing materials, helping businesses increase their online presence and reach a wider audience.

How can ChatGPT be Practically and Ethically leveraged in cross-border e-commerce?

How ChatGPT can be Practically and Ethically leveraged in cross-border e-commerce?

  1. Create product description customized to a particular geography

    ChatGPT can be used to generate effective product descriptions that showcase the unique selling points of a product. For example, if you are launching a new line of athleisure clothing, ChatGPT can create descriptions that emphasize moisture wicking, stretchy fabrics, comfortable fit, and stylish design of the garments.

  2.  Blog keywords, title and content for geographically segmented markets

    Tips you can use here for creating blog-related content for your products with ChatGPT include:

    • Give me some ideas about catchy blog title questions for my product;
    • I can write something interesting for targeted audience;
    • Which keywords should I use as the goal of the blog to target audience in segmented market.
  3. Generate social media content

    ChatGPT can also generate great content for social media platforms. If you are launching a new product, ChatGPT can create a promotional post showcasing the key features and benefits of the product. This could include making catchy captions for product photos or creating full-length posts that highlight your product's unique selling points.

  4. Develop and code on e-Commerce platform

    Old coder is not a developer either, so can't test the full capabilities of ChatGPT's development flow code or any other coding language, but Old coder can ask ChatGPT to make some fairly simple development changes, such as adding some pretty buttons to the button when the user mouses over and ask for feedback with respect to UI/UX enhancements. Instead of the buttons just changing color on hover, zooming in slightly when the user mouses over them.

  5. Product recommendations based on customer and geographical segmentation

    ChatGPT can be integrated to e-commerce platform through APIs, based on customer search trend, customer and geographical segmentation, pixel perfect recommendation can be offered which improves customer retention and satisfaction.  It can also be leveraged for cross-selling and upselling of products.

  6. Name your product attractive way

    ChatGPT can be used to generate creative product names that will stand out among customers, which helps to differentiate and make your products more attractive and also increase sales.

    Example cases which I’ve tested out…

    Q: what will be a great product name for fitness t-shirt

    A: There are many options for great product names for fitness t-shirts. Here are a few suggestions:

    1. "Sweat Equity"

    2. "Gym Hustle"

    3. "Fit and Focused"

    4. "Lift, Sweat, Repeat"

    5. "Sweat is Fat Crying"

    6. "Gym and Tonic"

    7. "Fit and Fearless"

    8. "Sweat and Success"

    9. "Muscle and Mind"

    10. "Fit and Fresh"

    If you need to better implement this function, you may need to provide ChatGPT with information about the product's features and benefits, and let it generate a product name based on this input.

  7. Write Diverse Ads

    Website Ads is another area where automation is already being pushed. Many of websites new ad products are pushing you to use auto-generated content based on your site, so how is ChatGPT different?

    Q: Write a website Ad in the style of MYPRODUCT

    Answer: "Find your fashion inspiration at MYPRODUCT! With our wide selection of trendy and affordable clothing, you'll be sure to find something that speaks to your personal style. Shop now and join the MYPRODUCT community of fashion-forward individuals."

    Q: Write a Google Ad for a new pair of MYPRODUCT

    Answer: "Find your perfect pair of shoes at MYPRODUCT! Whether you're looking for casual sneakers or dressy heels, we've got you covered with our wide selection of stylish and affordable options. Shop now and step up your shoe game with MYPRODUCT "

    Maybe a little short, but if you need to make hundreds of different ads with limited resources, this might be the way to go.

  8. Play email marketing

    ChatGPT can provide support for cross-border sellers in terms of content production, and email is definitely also possible. With the rise of email marketing automation, a lot of content may need to be produced, so time and manpower shortage may be the biggest challenge you face, everyone should know shein, see if you can use ChatGPT to generate a welcome letter for all new subscribers e-mail.

If MYPRODUCT 's team sees this, there could be a lot of nuance in tone and positioning. However, there is an opportunity for new brands to leverage technology like this to build desired content.

The above simple expression is still possible.

Of course, in terms of emails, there are still many things you can try, such as A/B testing, content rewriting, and tone optimization.

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