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Transform experience, transform business - with HCL’s Cloud Smart

October 29, 2021
Ameekar Charan


Ameekar Charan
AVP, SAP Ecosystem
October 29, 2021

Why ‘experience’?

Experience is a buzzword today. It is a true differentiator for an enterprise and thus a de-facto in every company’s strategy. Over the years, enterprises have rolled out different strategies to stay ahead of the curve. Ever since enterprises realized that building strong customer relationships helped them ensure enhanced customer experience and long-term loyalty, their market-driven strategies steadily evolved into customer-centricity, paving the way for the prevalent experience-driven approach. The beauty of this approach is that its application is ubiquitous. Be it for enterprises’ customers, their employees, suppliers, or anyone else in the value chain, this approach can be implemented to enhance their experience.

Why consider it?

The last couple of years have tested the resilience of the largest of conglomerates. The current business environment is unpredictable. Enterprises are struggling to adapt to the new overnight regulations, restricted mobility, unavailability of a large pool of resources, and more such challenges posed by the pandemic. Thus, organizations can no longer sit on their laurels and expect to sustain, let alone grow. They need innovative and nimble ways to outpace the competition.

Experience 2.0

Enhancing customer experience continues to be a key focus for organizations. However, they fail to realize that improving experience goes beyond integrating chatbots to assist users or ensuring omnichannel access for buyers. The ambit of experience has to increase. Here are a couple of relevant topics that Gartner suggests under its technology trends -  

  1. Internet of Behaviors – As Gartner mentions, the purpose of the Internet of Behaviors (IoB) is to leverage data for influencing behaviors. A growing number of technologies are gathering the “digital dust” of daily life — data from the digital and physical worlds that can be used to change behaviors using feedback loops.

  2. Total experience – Gartner describes the total experience as an amalgam of various experiences of partners, customers, employees, and end-users that bring about business transformation. It is imperative to improve every aspect of this integration to enhance the overall experience.

The new world of experience will leverage ‘Internet of Behavior’ and ‘total experience’ to pursue business growth. In other words, customer data from the physical and digital world should be combined to improve and influence the overall customer experience transformation.  

How HCLTech can help

For enterprises to re-invent their customers’ experience and maximize their business value, they need to continuously innovate, scale on-demand, be omnipresent, and create a sustainable future. Cloud is the only way to achieve this. However, enterprises are still grappling to make their transition to the cloud more structured.  

This is where customers can rely on HCLTech as their trusted partner. HCLTech’s ‘Cloud Smart’ offering addresses the exact concerns. To earn our customers’ confidence, these values are delivered under HCLTech’s Cloud Smart Promises. The framework is flexible and offers customized solutions. Organizations running on SAP estate, for example, can adopt Cloudsmart for SAP as it is best suited for their needs.

Bringing it together with a scenario

Let us talk about the prevailing situation (COVID-19) that has presented an excellent opportunity for the Telecom industry. However, with every opportunity, some challenges tag along. In this case, customer retention can be considered as one of those. A common challenge that telcos have been facing is their internal fractured organization , making it impossible for them to draw an integrated customer view across the many data pockets within different business units. This inability stifles telcos from providing the customer with the aforesaid ‘total experience’.

Consider any telco that provides broadband services to its customers. With a large section of the population suddenly working from home, it seemed that an easy business came their way. However, this opportunity also magnified the existing challenge of improving customer retention. Fortified with a simple example, think about video calls that have been quite popular for some time now. Before the pandemic forced us to adopt remote working models, the quality of the video call mattered little to most people as calls were mostly made to family or friends. However, since video calls are now serving as a key tool to ensure business continuity, customers are extremely sensitive to any disruption to their internet bandwidth and poor video call quality.

HCLTech, being a trusted partner to many Telcos, is already helping them to overcome such challenges. Our solutions offer Telcos a holistic view of their customers, including data about their internet usage, Quality-of-Service (QoS), number of devices connected, and personal information from CRM, billing as well as customer feedback systems. The solution works on this monstrous dataset to proactively detect any degradation of QoS parameters and automatically creates a service request for a field engineering with actual details from the device management platform. Based on the customer segmentation and historical data, the system also proposes the sequence of tasks to ensure priority customers get served first. If, even after proactively detecting and resolving the issue, the customer faces any degradation of QoS, the system automatically proposes some compensation in terms of additional data packages. This is followed up with a feedback mechanism to ensure customers continue their loyalty towards the Telco.


The above solution, in a nutshell, explains how Telco leveraged our solutions to enhance their end-customers’ experience. As evident, such a solution requires drastic scalability at the microservice level, complex integrations with on-premises and cloud solutions, and an easy-to-use environment to develop and deploy AI / ML algorithms. Moreover, the solution should have a strong and clear base that acts like prescriptive signboards for enterprises starting their cloud journey.

This is what HCLTech’s Cloud Smart approach brings to the table. It maximizes business value without losing focus on the enterprise’s needs. The framework has been designed to handle real-world issues. In summary, HCLTech Cloud Smart  is a proven way for enterprises to transform their customers’ experiences and thereby inherently transform their businesses for the better.

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