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Dataplex - Intelligent Data Fabric on Google Cloud Platform

May 20, 2021
Siva G Subramanian


Siva G Subramanian
Global Head Data, Analytics, AIML & CCAI, HCL Google Ecosystem Business Unit
May 20, 2021

Intro of HCLTech and Google Cloud partnership, and announcing partnership on Dataplex.

HCLTech and Google have a deep and long standing relationship and the Google Business Unit at HCLTech is thriving to accelerate digital transformation of global organizations by providing solutions to migrate and modernize their data platforms to Google Cloud. HCLTech has extensive experience of working with many large enterprisesaround the globe and helping them in their Cloud Adoption Journey by providing best in the market, technically sound and highly optimized data solutions. We are experts indeveloping Data & Analytical platforms and help our customers to fetch insights from their business & technical data.

HCLTech is excited to announce partnership on Dataplex to work in a joint motion with Google Cloud to implement solutions using Dataplex for our customers. Dataplex is an intelligent data fabric that enables enterprises to rapidly curate, secure, integrate, and analyze distributed data at scale. It provides a single pane of glass for end-to-end data management through metadata-led data management, centralized security and governance, and an integrated task-based analytics experience.

Across our enterprise customer base, we repeatedly see the following pain points:

Data Silos: Having pockets of data in different places, controlled by different groups, inherently obscures data. This often happens when an organization grows fast and/or acquires new businesses. It's also difficult to get granular details from the data, because it is difficult to provide secured access to data stored in various data repositories.

Dataset Discovery: Due to the sheer size of data in various sources and the absence of a comprehensive schema or data catalog, data discovery has become an important problem across distributed data. Without explicit metadata information, it becomes difficult for users to find data required for analytics and data science and access it from their tools of choice. Diverse Datasets Analysis:- Another challenge of using different systems and approaches to data management is that the data structures and information vary in each data source. Providing universal access to data often requires data movement, data duplication, and extensive data preparation. This is especially important for machine learning use cases where you need to train models on a diverse set of data, often stored in different storage systems and varying in formats and volumes.

Data Governance: With data stored in so many repositories, it's difficult to ensure that access control is consistently enforced regardless of where the data is stored and which tool is used to access this data. It is also difficult to global monitor and govern data to ensure its use is compliant with the organizational policies.

What is Dataplex?

Dataplex is an intelligent data fabric that unifies data across data lakes, data warehouses, and data marts, and provides customers a single pane of glass to bring their data together and make it securely available for a wide variety of analytics and data science use cases in open Google Cloud native and open source tools. It enables organizations to break down data silos and unify the data management without physically moving data. It provides auto-discovery of data and consistent metadata access in a variety of tools providing customers freedom to store data where they see fit and use different tools for different types of workloads against the same data. It provides data owners and stewards the ability to centrally secure and govern their data assets ensuring that end users have access to higher quality data that they can trust. Finally, it provides an integrated analytics experience to organize, curate, secure, and analyze data. Dataplex will help reduce the overall data management overhead that enterprises often undertake, enhance the business value of data, and accelerate data insights within an organization.



HCLTech has helped many enterprises solve their data challenges with management, governance and security of their data assets. Dataplex with its intelligent data fabric can help enterprises use their data effectively and power analytics and data science workloads within their organizations. We see Dataplex as being a key accelerator in helping enterprises unify their data assets, better manage their data, and provide access to higher quality data. A unified platform to view all the different types of data in a single plane will serve a simple, systematic and well organized methodology to analyse, unify and deliver reliable data to support strategic decisions. Undoubtedly, Dataplex will prove to be a game changer in the domain of Data Lake and Data Management and create a very big impact in enterprise scale Data Solutions. To learn more about Dataplex and how you could get started, read this blog and reach out to your HCLTech team.

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