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Apoorv Iyer

Disruption – The key to building an AI first service line! “ – Enabling the Cognitive in Product...
Apoorv Iyer SVP , Engineering Services | December 26, 2017

The buzz words of automation AI RPA and others have been the mantra of all discussion forums, conferences, and even news channels! Interestingly, if you check market cap, 5 of the top 8 companies in the world – Amazon, Alphabet, Apple, Microsoft & Facebook are all investing significantly in new age technologies. Driverless cars to automated delivery drones are a reality today, with the central theme being AI and data-driven decision making. Clearly, the age of AI and data-driven approaches have arrived which is transforming multiple industries.

In this backdrop, it is relevant to see what the IT services firms have been trying to do. Some have focused on IP-based solutions that are sold independently of the services being offered. Some are using partnerships to scale, while others are in a ‘wait and watch’ mode.  Solution-centricity has extended to “product and technology” innovation beyond “service” which results in these half-hearted attempts. These two aspects have to work together to succeed. In most companies, these operate in silos, in different business units which is not effective in the long run.

For the past one year, HCL Engineering Services team has been working in the product support arena through an AI first Cognitive Product Support (CPS) proposition.

The focus has been to bring in ERS’ engineering capabilities and focus on product services through next-gen technology and process excellence. Today, we engage in implementation of service line innovation through chatbots, cognitive L2-L3 support, dev support, and L1 task elimination under the overall umbrella of CPS. Also, the big advantage for HCL has been the focus on automation and the DRYiCE framework that enables AI/ automation across service offerings.

HCL has been working in the product support arena through an AI first Cognitive Product Support (CPS) proposition.

A number of large product and services support initiatives have been enabled through this initiative including –

  1. Global Map Data operations for global online major
  2. Call and Cost Volume reduction through Smart FAQ’s and Chatbots for a financial services major
  3. RPA implementation for a telecom OEM major

Through this approach in a data-driven environment, we are increasingly seeing significant opportunities for growth across product and vertical segments and customers are appreciating the disruptive nature of CPS.

We believe that this will be a significant differentiator for HCL and the product Support Service line, and a true value-add for our customers.