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Data Science in Product Testing
Data Science these days is dominating the discussions on technology solutions, across the board, Product development process has a great potential to benefit from it. This blog explores how, we can use Data science to improve the quality of a...
Propensity Models
One of the common issues in advertising is the Three Body Problem, which is different from the science fiction novel by Cixin Liu or the three body problem from quantum mechanics. The Three Body Problem in search engine advertising can be explained...

Nov 02, 2017

Ideation Techniques- Part 2

Sanjeev Purohit Group Manager

In continuation of the previous blog Promoting and Nurturing Innovation and part 1 of ideation techniques we will go through other advance techniques like SCAMPER, Mind Map, Reverse thinking for idea generation. 
Design Thinking
Successful companies are increasingly putting customers, not technology, at the heart of product design. It turns out that understanding what problems customers have and how a product can solve them is more important than simply incorporating new...
Partner Enabled Innovation in Healthcare

Oct 25, 2017

Partner Enabled Innovation in Healthcare

Partha Marella Executive Vice President

Healthcare, today, demands a system that can efficiently cure or manage multiple comorbidities in an individual, find novel ways of optimizing cost of care including self-help, remote patient engagement or home care. To top it all, the new...
Decision paralysis in terms of “what to do with the data?” is a major reason for the lack of experimentation in with data initiatives. It is like sitting and waiting on the side lines, while your competition is making the most of it. A bigger...
This blog emphasizes the importance of Accessibility in In-Vehicle-Infotainment and In-Flight-Entertainment space, the current status of lack of accessibility in many systems, and how HCL with its focus on accessibility & how we can leverage our...
Contact center technologies flourished, answering customer questions and solving their problems has progressively become simple.But that has not directly translated to better efficiencies of cost reductions for the enterprises.This write-up focuses...
JProfiler is a Java profiler tool and is useful for developers/testers as it can be used to analyze performance bottlenecks, memory leaks, CPU loads and resolve threading issues.
Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation must be an integral process in the emergence of the 21st Century Enterprise. Consumers are driving the digital economy and companies must embrace this change by making fundamental changes to its core operations. This blog...
Cucumber - Automating scenarios and behaviors
Behavior Driven Development is an agile software development technique which helps in building functionality incrementally as per its expected behavior. Discover how BDD is realised using open source tool-Cucumber

Oct 12, 2021

Optimizing 5G with modernized platforms and improved cloud management


Every time one thinks that an industry has reached its pinnacle, something new comes up and sends the disruption right down the entire value chain triggering change. Though change brings initial discomfort, it leads to new learning and adaptability...

Oct 07, 2015

Widening The Web

GH Rao Ex-President - Engineering and R&D Services (ERS)

GH Rao, who heads engineering and R&D services at HCL Technologies, has recently returned from the annual Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
Digital Twin
Digital Twin is a very important concept for the manufacturing sector, which is being swept by a digitalization wave. Digital twin technology leverages big data analytics to empower the manufacture in meeting their performance KPIs in the VUCA world...
Building a Future-Proof Network with Fibre
5G is all about delivering all the bandwidth that customers want for all their information needs. 5G will open the avenues towards many possibilities which will lead to explosion of information traffic be it voice, data or video. This flood of data...
Reimagining Engineering & R&D for the Digital World

Oct 25, 2021

Building a thoroughly digital business landscape with robust engineering and R&D

Avtar Singh Associate General Manager, PMG – Hybrid cloud Practice

Globally, the digital technology adoption has seen a remarkable upsurge as organizations strive to embrace latest innovations and more efficient ways of doing business in order to remain competitive. The digital wave has hit the enterprise R&D...
Present day Industry & its complexities
AI applications
Adoption of AI is becoming a common phenomenon across the industry. Companies are in different stages of AI maturity and depending on the level of adoption they are seeing varying levels of impact. While there is lot of excitement in the rapid...
Apoorv Iyer

Disruption – The key to building an AI first service line! “ – Enabling the Cognitive in Product Support”
Apoorv Iyer - SVP , Engineering Services | December 26, 2017

The buzz words of automation, AI, RPA and others have been the mantra of all discussion forums, conferences, and even news channels! What is interesting to see is if you look at 5 of the top 8 companies by market cap in the world – Amazon, Alphabet, Apple, Microsoft & Facebook – are all are investing significantly in new age technologies. Right from driver less cars to automated delivery drones, with the central theme being AI and data- driven decision making. Clearly, the age of AI has arrived and is transforming industry after industry.

Johnson De Sathya Leo

Module Pattern – structure your JavaScript as modules
Johnson De Sathya Leo - Technical Lead | November 17, 2017

A pattern is a reusable solutions that can be applied to a commonly occurring problem. Design patterns are advanced object-oriented solutions to commonly occurring software problems.Module design pattern is very useful for many reasons. Its main reason is for using object in a beneficial way and keeping a piece of code independent of the other code or simply to say, scoping.

Ajai Kumar

Voice Activated Shopping
Ajai Kumar - Vice President - Engineering R&D | November 17, 2017

Manufacturing organizations can incorporate new features in the smart devices, through embedded engineering, to drive customer satisfaction. It enables the development of new products and provide discrete embedded systems for existing ones.As manufacturers fine-tune their voice-command device offerings, more people will embrace this new-age technology. Historically, machines have helped reduce human effort. These smart machines, evidently, can not only achieve this, but also help revitalize the consumer products landscape.