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Risk Comp
In this article, Rahul explains about the three key challenges faced by the Australia’s Financial Services Sector due to intensive digitisation. He also stresses on the fact that ‘those who harness digital technology best wins’ as the financial...
Tech Market Trends

Mar 07, 2019

Tech Market Trends - Outlook for 2019 and Beyond - Part 2

Kinsuk Mitra Director of Finance, Risk and Compliance

Kinsuk Mitra writes on what are the trends that are going to shape technology in 2019. In this concluding of a two part series, he looks at how the trends are impacting HCL and where we are heading in the next 5 years.
Tech Market Trends

Mar 07, 2019

Tech Market Trends - Outlook for 2019 and Beyond - Part 1

Kinsuk Mitra Director of Finance, Risk and Compliance

Kinsuk Mitra writes on what are the trends that are going to shape technology in 2019. In this first of a two part series, he looks at the future operating environment and the trends leading up the next 5 years.
Digitalized Subrogation
Optimized Processes in Claims Lifecycle and Straight Forward Claims Settlement in Fast track are some of the Buzzwords being articulated repeatedly when the Insurers look for improving their Loss Ratio.
5 Reasons Why: "AI"
The blog lays out the top five reasons why AI acts as a double edged sword for Cyber Security in Financial Services. Written by Sudip Lahiri, Head of Financial Services for Europe, the blog contends that institutions must be careful to look at AI as...
Artificial Intelligence
We humans are governed by our free will to choose and make decisions. But, in the world of technology and data brokers, those who can predict and drive one to make decisions, are influencing free will.
The 2019 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland offered a melting pot of discussions around the most critical economic, social, and political issues faced by the world.
Financial Inclusion

Jan 23, 2019

Finance 4.0: The race to rebalance the world

Rahul Singh President, Financial Services

Rahul Singh write on how Finance 4.0 presents a massive opportunity to rebalance the world with benefits filtering down to the lowest levels, across geo-political borders and over economic divides.
New-Age Cybersecurity

Jan 17, 2019

New-Age Cybersecurity in the Digitalized Banking Paradigm

Maninder Singh Corporate Vice President, CyberSecurity & GRC

Bothered by the massive breaches of personal data frequently highlighted in the news? But they’re not the only risks financial services firms are encountering today. Online theft of funds along with ransomware and malware attacks disrupt banking...
Open Banking Context
This paper offers a quick view of various initiatives around the world for making payments secure and efficient. Confirmation of Payee (COP) is a measure to prevent accidental or deliberate misdirection of funds to unintended recipients. It allows...
Data driven decision making in the banking industry
In today’s banking landscape, business is driven by data. Data provides valuable insights for businesses to focus on key areas that need valuable resources such as people and money. 
AI Innovation
Digitization, Internet of things, connected humans, connected machines, and connected world are all generating large volumes of data at an unprecedented scale. IDC predicts that by 2025, there will be 175 zettabytes of data and continue growing at...
Digital Lending for MSMEs

May 08, 2020

Technology to the Rescue – Digital Lending for MSMEs

Rahul Singh President, Financial Services

As the COVID-19 crisis hits the economy, a taskforce of UK-based fintechs has come together to make over £500,000 available to MSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises) in urgent need of credit. This virtual lending operation, designed to...
While looking for automation possibilities for the key insurance business processes, mostly the repeatable, the cynosure of the insurance industry is shifting toward macro and micro components of the value chain.

Jun 28, 2018

Unbundling Financial Services for the Digital Generation

Sudip Lahiri SVP & Head Financial Services Europe

Sudip Lahiri writes on what banks and financial services must do to attract millennial customers. The core idea is to add meaningful value to the everyday lives of the digital-native consumer.

Oct 13, 2017

FINTECH – A Paradigm Shift in Financial Services

Tanmoy Bhattacharjee Associate Vice President, HCL Financial Services – Global Solutions

FinTech – a creative leverage of emerging technology to define a new Art of the Possible for the BFSI industry – appears to be approaching lifecycle maturity. Focus areas are getting sharply defined and evolving engagement models between FinTechs...
Data Analysis
Data on a customer’s financial well-being, purchase behaviour, family status etc. that’s such a powerful source is not still put to its fullest use by many of the financial services giants.
Marketing Automation
What is it like to market technology solutions to the largest financial institutions in the world? Paresh Vankar was recently interviewed by the Ziff Davis Publications, US. In a wide ranging, two-art interview, he spoke on his favourite books,...

Is Libra systemically important? Not likely!
Dr. Michael Maxwell - Solution Principal, Financial Services | October 9, 2019

The Libra Association has agreed to subject Libra to KYC, AML and similar regulation as part of obtaining access to the developed economies. Know more!

Machine Learning Models and Challenges
Kishore Joseph - General Manager, Solutions, HCL Financial Services | October 9, 2019

Kishore Joseph, General Manager, Solutions, HCL Financial Services, author of this blog discusses the various data used in Machine Learning model and the common pitfalls faced in the process. Read more about how to effectively use and utilize the computation power, increases in data availability, and different algorithms researched & made available for organizational growth.

Machine Learning in Software Development
Kishore Joseph - General Manager, Solutions, HCL Financial Services | September 10, 2019

In this blog, Kishore Joseph talks about how machine learning is embedding itself into the software development lifecycle. 

He says that there are major advancements that are occurring using machine learning and AI. We could look to utilize these advancements in the areas of development as well as testing.