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Leveraging generative AI to transform enterprises: The HCLTech-SAP partnership

HCLTech and SAP partnership harnesses GenAI for transformative enterprise solutions, enhancing efficiency, decision-making and customer engagement.
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Ameekar Charan


Ameekar Charan
AVP, SAP Ecosystem Unit
Praveen Kumar Padegal


Praveen Kumar Padegal
Development Architect, Platform Architecture and Advisory, SAP
Harutyun Ter Minasyan


Harutyun Ter Minasyan
Solution Expert, Platform Architecture and Adoption, SAP
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Leveraging Generative AI to Transform Enterprises: The HCLTech-SAP Partnership

Generative AI (GenAI) is more than just another technological innovation; it represents a paradigm shift in how businesses can harness data to drive decision-making, innovation and customer engagement. In fact, recent studies expect GenAI to add nearly $4.5 trillion annually to the global economy if implemented across just 60-odd business use cases. Moreover, this potential value could double once GenAI is seamlessly integrated into existing software solutions.

This potential motivates enterprises to adapt to GenAI and wield its full potential from the forefront. As businesses across all sectors seek innovative ways to enhance operational efficiency and decision-making, GenAI emerges as a groundbreaking tool, pushing the boundaries of what artificial intelligence can achieve in business environments. 

As businesses seek to navigate the intricacies of digital transformation, the strategic partnership between HCLTech and SAP emerges as a pivotal alliance. In this blog post, we will examine this partnership's capabilities and impacts and how they can supercharge future possibilities for enterprise technology transformation.

SAP's central role in the GenAI ecosystem

At the forefront of this transformative journey is the collaboration between HCLTech and SAP, which aims to unlock the full potential of GenAI. HCLTech-SAP partnership is strategically positioned to innovate and leverage GenAI to enhance business processes significantly. By integrating GenAI capabilities into SAP’s robust enterprise platforms, businesses can expect improved operational efficiencies and breakthroughs in engaging with their markets and responding to customer needs. 

In this scenario, SAP is central in shaping the future of GenAI enterprise ecosystems. This leadership is rooted in SAP’s unparalleled capability to manage vast amounts of enterprise data—critical for training and deploying effective GenAI models. By leveraging this data, SAP empowers businesses to transform traditional processes into intelligent, automated operations that significantly enhance decision-making and operational efficiency.

The SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) is at the heart of this transformation as it integrates data and business processes, enabling the seamless adoption of Business AI and GenAI-based solutions that can predict outcomes, automate complex processes and create personalized customer experiences at scale. Moreover, SAP BTP’s robust suite of AI and machine learning tools ensures businesses can easily develop, extend and integrate GenAI applications tailored to their unique needs while maintaining high data governance and security standards.

The collaboration between SAP and HCLTech amplifies these capabilities and allows us to develop solutions that meet the current demands of businesses and anticipate future challenges. This partnership is crucial for companies relying on SAP's infrastructure, as it ensures they are equipped with the most advanced tools to leverage GenAI effectively to transform data into a strategic asset that drives growth and innovation.

HCLTech and SAP: A collaborative milestone

The strategic partnership between HCLTech and SAP represents a milestone in the journey towards widespread adoption of Generative AI (GenAI) in enterprise environments for our innovative solutions in SAP BTP. The outcome of this collaboration in the partner program has led to the building of multiple GenAI applications on SAP BTP leveraging the base accelerator, which has helped jump-start GenAI.

The HCLTech SAP Ecosystem and SAP Platform Architecture and Advisory Team have been actively working with the latest SAP products/services, such as SAP Business AI and leveraging HANA as a Vector database. While this work brings excitement, it also presents uncertainties. Fortunately, having experts from SAP and HCLTech ensured we navigated through every challenge seamlessly. Their expertise was invaluable in overcoming any obstacles encountered along the way.

By combining HCLTech's deep engineering expertise across various industries with the technological prowess of SAP’s Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), this partnership aims to deliver solutions that enhance employee productivity, streamline operations, accelerate application development and optimize business processes. The collaboration focuses on developing industry-specific solutions that leverage the transformative potential of GenAI, enabling clients to quickly adopt and expand their capabilities using a wide range of tools provided in SAP BTP, including low-code and no-code capabilities.

Bringing GenAI innovation to the utilities industry

The utilities sector clearly illustrates these capabilities. This industry is characterized by challenges from vast infrastructure and complex customer service requirements. However, with the support of HCLTech-SAP solutions, we have made significant advancements for key industry players by implementing industry-specific GenAI applications developed under the partnership.

HCLTech has harnessed the power of SAP’s reference architecture for GenAI and base accelerator to create scalable solutions customized for the utility sector. These solutions address various challenges, from optimizing business case preparation to asset management.

These industry-specific solutions showcase the practical application of GenAI in transforming traditional business operations into agile, predictive and customer-focused services. Such transformations benefit businesses and support broader environmental and sustainability goals by optimizing resource use and reducing waste. 

Stay tuned. We will follow up with more technical details in the next blog or you can meet us at Booth #354 in SAP Sapphire Orlando.

Looking ahead: The future of the HCLTech-SAP partnership

As we envisage the future of the transformative partnership between HCLTech and SAP, it's clear that the integration of GenAI within enterprise solutions is just beginning to unfold its full potential. HCLTech and SAP are committed to deepening their collaboration and developing even more sophisticated GenAI-driven applications that can address complex business challenges. With a strong foundation already in place, the potential for scaling this partnership is immense.

Businesses leveraging this partnership will be well-equipped to lead in a digital-first world, achieving sustained growth and success in an increasingly competitive business landscape. While the future may be unclear for many, HCLTech and SAP are the ideal guides for enterprises on a digital future powered by the unimagined potential of GenAI and automation.

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