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"Importance of 2- Speed IT approach to deliver Innovation"

"Importance of 2- Speed IT approach to deliver Innovation"
March 29, 2016

Why taking a 2-Speed IT path to delivering innovation and preservation matters

After spending years and huge investments in building up their technology infrastructure, organizations want to gain the greatest business value possible from their existing IT environment and application software. The average company spends from 65 to 85 percent of its IT funds maintaining legacy applications that often fall short of meeting the changing needs of the business.

As an outcome, IT organizations are under rising pressure to lower costs and react more deftly to ongoing business demands. What are the alternatives? Change the Business (CTB) digitalization or IT modernization.

The decision to begin anew might at first glance seem understandable, particularly to younger executives and business customers familiar with user-friendly consumer technologies. In contrast, IT modernization is the steady development of an organization’s existing application and infrastructure systems, with the aim of aligning IT with the organization’s ever-altering business strategies.

However, some IT leaders are creating a 2-speed IT – where one group is responsible for keeping the systems running while the other group takes care of delivering innovation and business-progressive tasks.

Experience shows dividing an IT department into two teams will eliminate inefficiencies and improve performance as team members shift focus from innovation work to their daily maintenance jobs. That said, their work remains indispensable as in the end, if the systems aren't buzzing along, the business can't run, let alone focus on the next big thing. Thus, taking this middle path ensures business continuity and innovation.

While some organizations remain undecided because of risk factors, HCL customers running legacy applications for handling mission critical systems have embarked on the modernization drive with great confidence.

Business systems based on HCL ALTASMTM maintenance approach have delivered 99.99% availability for many customers’ IT environments. HCL’s open, integrated transformation platform can be the basis of an an IT modernization initiative that lowers technology spend, enhances agility, eliminates dependence on legacy skill sets, and improves compliance.

HCL believes the best approach to modernize-vs. -change is a consideration of existing and future business needs, and strategic planning. Moreover, such analysis should happen not just when systems are down, but on an ongoing basis.