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Oracle HCM Shapes Future HR Landscapes — Redefine Enterprise Journey to the Cloud

Oracle HCM Shapes Future HR Landscapes — Redefine Enterprise Journey to the Cloud
March 30, 2017

HR leaders are witnessing new business challenges such as retaining capable employees. Creating conducive work environments and a diverse workforce remain daunting tasks. Clearly, HR is just not restricted to administering and hiring new employees; there is a significant opportunity to drive business value as well.

State-of-the-art, cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions provide an integrated platform which empower HR leaders to efficiently deliver people assets. Innovative solutions like Oracle HCM Cloud provide a path to enhance the employee experience, streamline the talent management process, and transform the HR environment. In fact, Oracle HCM Cloud offers significant incentives to migrate to the cloud.

Factors to bear in mind

Most dynamic organizations have realized the need to implement an HCM solution to better manage their diversified workforce – these projects can be complex and challenging in equal measure.

Organizations deciding to embark the journey to Cloud should not only plan to implement a new tool. They should consider this as an opportunity to undergo an HR-centric transformation of their business process, empowering their human resources with advanced Human Capital Management tools to attract and manage your most valuable asset – 'Your Employees’.

Organizations should consider preeminent Oracle Cloud partners for implementation of HCM solutions. The key qualification determining the implementation partner is its prior experience with human capital management applications. Hence, organizations need to conduct due diligence in selecting a partner with the right expertise.

Organizations should consider pre-eminent Oracle Cloud partners for implementation of HCM solutions.

Another important factor to consider as part of your Cloud journey is to take a closer look at your organization goals and decide if there is a long-term organizational plan to move to Oracle cloud for HCM, ERP, SCM & EPM – then effectively plan for a multi-pillar implementation of Oracle HCM, ERP, SCM & EPM Cloud. This will help avoid rework and associated costs, realizing the benefits associated with Oracle HCM, ERP, SCM & EPM application even faster.

Differentiating factors

HCL is an early mover in Oracle cloud applications. With over 5,500 consultants, it offers a wide range of services which include Cloud assessment, Health Checks for existing Cloud customers, Oracle Cloud implementation, managed services such as support and maintenance, optimization, and business process transformation.

Moreover, the company has been recognized for largest Oracle ERP Cloud rollout and First Cloud HCM SaaS Go Live. It is known for its Human Capital Management services and Oracle technical expertise & is equipped with 28 specializations, among which seven are advanced areas.

What sets HCL apart from its competitors is that it has catered to hundreds of customers worldwide across industries and verticals and has ensured successful delivery of large-scale implementation with over 75 successful Oracle engagements. With proprietary tools and accelerators on HCM solutions, along with a dedicated center of excellence and cloud-certified solutions team, HCL is already a step ahead in the dynamic IT landscape.

What sets HCL apart from its competitors is that it has catered to hundreds of customers worldwide across industries

Assessment methodology comes to the rescue

HCL’s capabilities include cloud assessment for an ROI-based strategy and roadmap. With varied cloud solutions available in the market, customers are often overwhelmed with the choices. This is when HCL’s assessment methodology can simplify decision-making. Our product assessment methodology guides customers and helps them decide which cloud solution to adopt, and also helps companies to understand their contemporary architecture better by providing a comprehensive view of the financial implications of moving to the cloud. During the exploration and discovery phase, the current environment is analyzed.

The cloud roadmap follows

What follows the product assessment methodology is the cloud roadmap. This framework depends on the customer business priority and their business process calendars. The roadmap will ensure that each decision which the company takes will solve the present needs and continue to pay off in the future.

Organizations today have realized that their success is not totally dependent on their ability to hire, develop, and retain. With human capital management solutions such as Oracle Cloud HCM, they can also ascertain workforce changes and manage talent better.

About accelerators

HCL offers Xccelerate Cloud Kits for Cloud HCM implementation which enables our clients to implement Oracle HCM Cloud in a much simpler, quicker and cost-effective manner, so the business can start realizing benefits from the beginning of the project. Our experience indicates that we have saved our clients 20% to 30% of overall time and budget on average, vs. a traditional approach to implementing Oracle HCM Cloud.

Our human capital management solution delivers HR industry best practices, business process modeling, configuration workbooks, prebuilt test cases & test scripts, prebuilt data migration templates and integration tools. Many of our prebuilt integrations can be made plug and play in the client’s environment.

Clients can also leverage our prebuilt HR best practices reports and dashboards to achieve even higher business value.

Catering to your critical business needs

If you are on the lookout for a game-changing human capital management solution which facilitates superior talent management and business transformation, you can consider deploying Oracle HCM. Learn about our human capital management services at Oracle HCM World 2017 and transform your business vision into reality. Learn how you can focus on differentiating talent-centric strategies as you embrace innovative cloud solutions.

To discover more, make sure you stop by Kiosk #02 at Oracle HCM World 2017 in Boston, Massachusetts, to be held from April 11-13. Discuss with our experts your Cloud ERP implementation journey and support models for the application in addition to Oracle HCM. To know more, write to us at