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Marcelo Cabane

Our Point of View on IBM WebSphere Commerce and Digital Commerce
Marcelo Cabane HCL Informix Global Go-to-Market Head, Commerce Point of Contact | February 8, 2019

On December 6, IBM and HCL announced that HCL Technologies and IBM had signed a definitive agreement to acquire select IBM software products, including WebSphere Commerce and Digital Commerce.

We understand that while this is very exciting for us at HCL, it may bring questions to the loyal WebSphere Commerce, Notes/Domino, Unica, and Informix clientele, as well as to those who are considering adopting this superior and proven product to monetize their digital presence.

We are thrilled, and at the same time very conscious of the business relevance and impact of this acquisition: WebSphere Commerce has been a true pioneer since e-commerce was taking its first baby steps through its growth and natural integration in our daily lives, adopted by hundreds of companies around the world, and recognized as leader by all leading analyst reports.

HCL’s Point of View

Once the acquisition receives regulatory approval and closes, we eagerly look forward to welcoming these important customers to HCL, and working with them to ensure their success today and in the future on this mission-critical platform, without disruptions. HCL understands that this is not only about a technical tool, but a business legacy and in-depth knowledge on a critical success factor for the consumer-related industries.

Once the acquisition receives regulatory approval and closes, HCL intends to retain key members of the team that has been working on and supporting this platform for many years, and HCL intends to keep growing our team, hiring the best in the market that fit into our entrepreneurial, enthusiastic, hardworking culture and lean organization. We plan to invest significantly in these offerings, accelerating our client-focused roadmap, as well as on growing our teams across the world.

Although IBM WebSphere Commerce and IBM Digital Commerce are not among the products developed by HCL under its earlier Intellectual Property Partnership (IPP) agreement between HCL and IBM (the “IPP Products”), in other areas of the portfolio, where HCL has IPP arrangement with IBM such as Notes/Domino, Unica, and Informix, we have a track record of success that speaks to what customers can look forward to from HCL. For instance:

  • HCL has grown the development organizations for the IPP Products, with new locations in multiple countries.
  • In the 12 months ending March 2019, HCL expects to have delivered over 180 product releases across the IPP products – over 60 VRM (version/release/mod) releases, as well as over 120 fix packs. With full new versions in products such as Lotus/Domino, Unica, and Informix.
  • Under HCL’s stewardship, the customer-driven roadmaps have introduced practical innovations, new integrations, expanded platforms, languages and methodologies, modernized user experience, enabled hybrid on-prem/cloud offerings, and have resulted in improved usability through containerized deployment, lower TCO and simplified offerings.

As Allen Bonde, Vice President, Research Director at Forrester said in his blog following the announcement of the acquisition: “… we also think HCL has shown that it is committed to being a better caretaker for the products it has previously taken over from IBM, especially given its strength in technology-driven transformation and desire to aggressively invest in and foster new IP.”

Final Thoughts and a Call to Action

With WebSphere Commerce V9, IBM made significant strides in modernizing the product with support for a microservice architecture, Docker containers, more REST APIs, etc., but we know that there is more work to be done to fully satisfy clients’ demands.

Until close, the IBM team continues to work the existing go-forward roadmap and post close, HCL looks forward to working with existing customers to continue the journey begun in V9, as said, without disruptions.

In the meantime, feel free to contact us, we are glad to answer questions and have face to face meetings on WebSphere Commerce to clients and business partners. You can reach out to Marcelo Cabane (marcelo.cabane@hcl.com)

If you plan to attend Think: Key HCL executives will be available for meetings with interested customers and partners, during conference days. Let us know!

Information for business partners can be found here, including details about how to become an HCL partner.

Note: WebSphere Commerce, Notes, Domino, Unica, and Informix are trademarks of IBM.