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Simplifying water sustainability: Optimizing enterprise water usage with AquaSphere

By using innovative technology, businesses can simplify the process of water resource management. Discover how HCLTech assists organizations in supercharging their water sustainability objectives.
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Ajay Pasuvula


Ajay Pasuvula
VP and Head of SAP Ecosystem Unit
Santhosh Jayaram


Santhosh Jayaram
Global Head, Sustainability
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Simplifying water sustainability: Optimizing enterprise water usage with AquaSphere

Water sustainability is the need of the hour. Despite being the most abundant natural resource on the planet, only about 2% of all water is freshwater. Of this just 2%, about one-third of it is accessible for our use, the rest is either buried deep underground or frozen in glaciers. This highly precious natural resource is under threat of depletion in the face of unsystematic consumption. This makes it critical to conserve water resources and ensure that water is used responsibly and sustainably.

We can harness technology to help conserve water. For companies like HCLTech, specialized platform solutions such as can track, analyze and report water usage metrics in real-time.

Understanding water sustainability

Water sustainability means ensuring we use water resources in a responsible manner to safeguard its availability for present and future generations. This involves balancing the needs of humans and ecosystems by considering factors such as water quality, quantity and equitable access. The goal is to meet water demands while maintaining the long-term health of water ecosystems and minimizing the negative impact of human activity.

A crucial component of water sustainability is the ability to track and measure the use of “green water.” Green water comes from precipitation, such as snow and rainfall and is stored as moisture in the soil. It guides sustainable water management practices in agriculture and land use, thereby supporting the long-term availability of water resources.

It is therefore critical that businesses start to to evaluate their water sustainability, by tracking water usage metrics. The benfits of doing this include:

  1. Greater availability: With water sustainability, businesses can ensure a stable and reliable water supply for their operations, reducing the risk of disruption due to water scarcity.
  2. Greater operational efficiency: By recycling and reusing water, businesses can optimize their water consumption, lower water-related expenses and improve operational efficiency.
  3. Improved reputation and stakeholder relations: By demonstrating a commitment to water sustainability, businesses can enhance their reputation, build customer loyalty, attract socially conscious investors and strengthen relationships with local communities and regulatory bodies.
  4. Maintaining regulatory compliance: By proactively working toward water sustainability, businesses can mitigate risks and stay ahead of fast evolving regulations. They can also ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines, avoiding potential penalties and legal issues.

Achieving enterprise water sustainability – What is AquaSphere?

Scattered and inaccessible data leads to inefficient water management. Unorganized and disconnected vendors that provide water to our homes and industries, contribute to the lack of transparency and verifiable data becomes hard to collect. As a result, enterprises are faced with water sustainability challenges, including:

  1. Lack of coherent data and digital information
  2. Absence of real-time insights
  3. Lack of transparency due to limited data sharing between water distribution parties and other enterprise systems

This is where AquaSphere can make a difference. Powered by HCLTech, AquaSphere is a constantly evolving monitoring solution, that analyses and reports on water usage metrics in real time. It even allows organizations to monitor their green water percentages. AquaSphere also provides specialized management tools that enable businesses to compare their results against established metrics, ensuring enterprises build a strong reputation and brand value based on environmental consciousness.

How AquaSphere can make a difference for your enterprise

AquaSphere provides businesses with water management insights and capabilities across several operational levels to ensure maximum water sustainability. Its features include:

  1. Identification of water consumption at the last level of protection against possible leaks and unaccounted consumption and the monitoring and conservation of rainwater and all other water sources.
  2. An integrated platform that is backed by SAP Blockchain, where water sustainability progress and initiatives can be tracked and shared with other stakeholders as needed.
  3. Providing risk mitigation against future water crises, with the generation of interactive reports and accurate statistics.
  4. Pairing geographic information with economic and social data to forecast water demands over the course of several years.

With AquaSphere, businesses can effectively:

  1. Achieve their sustainability goals
  2. Lower their overall costs and optimize water usage
  3. Monitor the health and pollution of water sources
  4. Prevent greenwashing with verifiable data
  5. Compare and leverage sustainability reports


For businesses around the globe, the writing is on the wall. Achieving water sustainability is not a matter of if but when. By leveraging technology like AquaSphere, businesses can monitor, analyze and report their water usage metrics in real time. This helps identify opportunities for improvement and reduce environmental impact while building trust and compliance. By ensuring water sustainability, AquaSphere empowers businesses to contribute to a greater global objective – the future health of our planet and its natural resources.

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