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If we aren’t using Continuous Integration (CI) with our automated testing setup, we’re really missing out on something big. In today's fast paced environment, CI with automated tests is a game changer in test automation.
What is Marketing Automation - Platforms, Tools and Solutions

Oct 17, 2016

Marketing Automation De-mystified

Ravi Bansal Digital Experience Management Lead

While the impact of marketing automation is significant, most organizations have to better manage its utilization and introduce future proof solutions run by digital marketing professionals.
Managed Engineering Services
Today, companies are looking to be agile, lean, and improve continuously. Discover how managed model in engineering services answers problem with staff augmentation model
Winning Over Reluctant Organizations
This blog post dwells on the challenges that make customers hesitant to embark on the SAP S/4 HANA implementation journey. It also discusses the key steps service providers need to take to alleviate current challenges and how HCL could simplify the...
Unleashing the Power of SAP
This blog details the key benefits of SAP S/4HANA, and the reasons for its adoption trends among organizations. HCL, with its outcomes-based transformation programs and ABC approach could be the first step towards successfully migrating to SAP S/...
IT Optimization by Revitalizing
SAP’s new business suite has been gaining in popularity. Customers are waking up to the value of SAP S/4HANA. But questions remain on the proper migration pathway. HCL’s Agile Benefits Creation (ABC) simplifies the approach.
The launch of SAP S/4 HANA has prompted its customers to take a leap of faith. Using SAP S/4HANA, organizations can reduce the complexities of SAP landscapes. The move to the new business suite can reduce total cost of ownership.
oracle cloud migration
This blog dwells on the importance of Oracle’s cloud migration and SaaS services, and the resultant processes and challenges. 
What is stopping you to Really Know Your Customers?
Customers are connecting with companies digitally in all manner of ways these days and giving the opportunity of understanding customer insights using analytics. But are companies able to correctly target these customers using these solutions?
Accessibility Engineering
Accessibility Engineering has a lot of myths around it due to which most companies tend to shy away from it. In this blog, we try to debunk these myths and show how accessibility makes complete business sense. Read this blog to know more.
Legacy Product
Nowadays modern test automation tools are available in market along with more advance features when  compared to past 10-years in the  history of test automation. Because of the technology migration, product vendors are planning to use the...
objectives are the golden
Building a successful transformation program is similar to improving a house: planning for success starts with a clear design of the desired end-state.  In this blog, the second in a series of five, we walk you through the parallels, assessing...
Cognitive Analytics & Cognitive Support for Products
Customer support organizations across industries today are going through a rapid transformation with end users demanding a much faster response time than ever.Read more to know how cognitive product support is now the need of the hour
Improving product support
In Traditional Telecom Tech Product Support Model, customer complaints raised either by phone support lines or logging system or some other means are first analyzed by Enterprise Support Team. Adaptive software design and knowledge sharing can go a...
Transforming for tomorrow

Dec 17, 2019

Transforming for tomorrow

Suzanna Hunter Managing Consultant

When undertaking a technology implementation, what most clients really want is a true transformation of the way they serve their key stakeholders.  Companies, however, often fall far short of achieving transformation because they do not...
Making Container Choices
The container technology has been at the center of cloud native development. Utilizing the power of cloud to get your experiments to the market quickly and checking the business viability thereof, justifies why containers are an apt choice for...
large pictures

Jun 01, 2015

Large Pictures: A New Trend

Rahul Ranjan Nigam Senior Designer


Dec 19, 2018

IoT is pushing UC forward towards Glory

Ajitesh Gupta Senior Solution Director

Technology is changing the game in fields like IT, Healthcare, etc. and IoT is no exception. Where IoT is a relatively new trend focussed on connecting traditionally unconnected devices, UC is a mature market largely involved with real-time...

Enhance your web experience with performance optimization
Randhir Kumar - Technical Lead,Engineering R&D services | August 30, 2016

Performance Optimization of web experience makes page's interaction and rendering as smooth as possible. Read this blog to know more about strategies involved in performance optimization

Cocktail of Network Orchestrators for Telco
Mukta Agarwal - General Manager,Engineering R&D Services | August 29, 2016

With the imminent success of cloud operations and virtualization in the data centre and application world, now the focus has shifted to the networks to be virtualized and to leverage cloud infrastructure as common base

Event Viewer : Another coherent ally in the IT world
Mridula Jha - Lead Engineer | August 29, 2016

With several applications being used in different domains,